How does xbmc handle subtitles?
As my title asks, hoe does XBMC handle subtitles which are incorporated into a movie? I have had a few movies in which have subtitles embedded into them for certain parts of the movie which aren't in English, such as Hidalgo and John Carter, but XBMC seems to take them out unless subtitles is turned on, and when it is, then the subtitles show at the bottom for the entire movie, not the parts that require them. Is there anything which can be done about this?
Subtitles can be a sticky point, but understanding them is the first step towards enlightenment. Subs can be embedded into the video 'what is normally termed hard coded', these are unchangeable and XBMC has no effect other than to play them. Subs can be embedded within the container archive in such a fashion that toggling them on or off is possible but altering them is not a simple matter. Then there is the external subs of which we are most familiar with a subtitle file and an index file for timing (a text editor can be used to alter this) , or an srt file all rolled into one.. and again a text editor can be use to alter both text and timing. Subs commonly are made for different languages, but can be used for the hearing impaired or offering off camera comments such as the directors notes. The position of subtitle files on screen can be changed if they are external.

The Movie you're referencing has an english subtitle, what you're looking for is a subtitle only for the specific parts that are non-english, these may be available as separate a file if it didn't come with your disk, I suggest and internet search. Or easier still would be to make or alter your own. Once you're done one .srt file be sure and upload it to one of the many subtitle web sites so that we all may enjoy your work.
It's also worth noting that such subtitles which only contain subtitles for languages other than the movies primary language is usually refered to as forced subtitles, and when ripping or muxing movies you should tag such subtitles as "forced".
Thanks for the helpful replies, I'll have to look into creating my own .SRT files then for certain movies, and with the movies i have access to, i'll just have to mess around with Handbrake with how the subtitles are handled. Rather than point my towards google, can you recommend any guides for creating subtitles? Thanks
I would recommend Subtitle Edit which is a very good subtitle editor with lots of features. The author of the program is very active and usually fixes reported bugs within a day or two.
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