Can't find next item to play!

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JVDproductions Offline
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Hello there,

I'm a little new to xbmc, and i like it very much but i got a problem with my music collection.
I'm unable to play my music when opening it from the Music>Files Menu (can't find next item to play!)
I ripped all these CD's with WMP to lossless WMA in the my Music Library.

What do i have to do?

Thanks a lot!

PS: windows 7 home premium 64 bit
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jhsrennie Offline
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I don't think XBMC will play lossless WMA. The problem is that WMA is a closed format and Microsoft have never released the details. If you want to use open source software to play your CDs the best option is to rerip them as FLAC because everything plays FLACs.
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JVDproductions Offline
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Music  RE: Can't find next item to play!
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Oh It's a shameConfused

but thanks tough, I think I'll convert them to an other format.Smile
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aOk2me Offline
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I thought wma was a supported format according to "Features and support" page:
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Ned Scott Offline
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Lossless WMA is different than normal WMA.

However, somewhat recently someone was able to reverse engineer Lossless WMA and add it to ffmpeg, so XBMC should gain this ability the next time we bump our internal ffmpeg library (most likely for the v13 release of XBMC).
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