Aeon MQ3/MQ4 on Tegra3 / Ouya?
Now with XBMC coming for the Ouya and a day before kickstarter closes I wonder what kind of skin performance to expect on such a machine. Currently on Asrock 330 and wondering wether this could be a step up,

I've seen XBMC on Appletv2 and that to me was a step back so any guess what to expect on this one?

Very much aware that without a machine it will be speculation but I myself wouldnt know at all so all input welcome given short deadline.
How the hell can any one know that. The device isn't even made yet.
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I stated above that it would be speculation and ofcourse noone knows so I asked for "expectance". So no need to sigh. Yes it is low budget but hardware is moving fast these years, perhaps there are comparisons with Tegra 2? More technically adept persons willing to make an educated guess or comparison with other Android performance.
comparing the tegra3 to the tegra2 is a stupid exercise Smile four-cores/neon vs two-cores/no-neon. That's like comparing apples to oranges.

If you want to know what a tegra3 can do, look at the Nexus 7, there is a tegra3 inside.
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That's exactly why I'm asking :-) Nexus 7 looks sweet....
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Aeon MQ3/MQ4 on Tegra3 / Ouya?00