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xbmc on LG smart tv
I have LG smart tv. It has in built in Plex App. I just dont like using plex because i am used to of using xbmc from a while.

Is there any way i can install xbmc on my external hdd and hook it up to my tv.
if not than can i have it running throught my pc wireless with some upnp.

i just dont like hooking my laptop with hdmi cable to tv every time i wanna watch tv.

please suggest some solution
Currently, you need a box of some kind running XBMC connected to your TV.
yea you cant just install it on a drive and hook it up to a tv. for one, there is no way to hook it up. for another, no way to access it. you cant just set a cd on top of a radio and expect it to play. you need something to play it and unless you are capable enough to reverse engineer your tv to support that kind of thing, you need a set top box.

that said i dont know what kind of media you plan on using, meaning quality and size but the raspberry pi makes a pretty decent xbmc device. and its only $35. i have mine hooked to the usb service port on my tv for power so it turn on everytime the tv does and use my tablet as a remote and media browser.

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