Windows - XBMC on Win7: Could not connect to network server
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Hello there, new to all this and have had a search without much sucess as to helping me with my problem.

I'm running the latest windows xbmc from on a Windows 7 laptop. I'm only looking to play streams on the laptop at this moment in time.

I followed the steps on the above site to allow me to enter the details and add Fusion as a files source but when clicking on it again it displays the message in a window entitled Remote Share, "could not connect to network server". Also, when i go to Addons > Install from zip file, the directory shows as a red icon and does not let me view the files.

I'm connected fine to the internet but really not sure where to go from here. Hopefully my logfile below can help someone shed some light?

Log file:

Thanks in advance.
Welcome to the XBMC forums.

Please do not paste log contents inline with your post. Instead, upload the contents of your entire debug log (wiki) (xbmc.log) to or and post just the URL link to your uploaded log here with your reply. Thanks.
Apologies for that - jumped the gun. Have now pasted my log to pastebin:
Bump. Can anyone help with this?
you need to post the debug log, not just the normal log. Re-read artrafael's post.
(2012-10-02, 19:03)helta Wrote: you need to post the debug log, not just the normal log. Re-read artrafael's post.

Helta, can you tell me where i've gone wrong, please? I've followed the wiki and debugging has been enabled in the settings and i pasted the full log in the above link?

I've given it another attempt, though. Is this correct?

Sorry about this.
And again.
As line 293 of your debug.log states, there might be a typo in your source definition:

WARNING: XFILE::CFactoryDirectory::Create - Unsupported protocol(http) in

Verified that?
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