[RELEASE] RadioTunes XBMC plugin - formerly Sky.fm (21th Sep 2014: v3.0.0)
@Bitcrusher, this python method is returning False:

""" Return a list containing a dictonary or false
Returns the logged in users premium config
def getPremiumConfig(self, html):
if ADDON.getSetting("forceupdate") == "true":
re_config = re.compile("NS\('AudioAddict.API'\).Config\s*=\s*([^;]+);", re.M | re.I)
pickle.dump(re_config.findall(html)[0], open(os.path.join(self.addonProfilePath, pluginConfig.get('cache', 'cachePremiumConfig')), "w"), protocol=0)
premiumConfig = json.loads(re_config.findall(html)[0])
premiumConfig = json.loads(pickle.load(open(os.path.join(self.addonProfilePath, pluginConfig.get('cache', 'cachePremiumConfig')), "r")))
return premiumConfig
except Exception:
sys.exc_clear() # Clears all exceptions so the script will continue to run
return False

I printed my username and password to the logfile and they are correct. Not sure where to go from here.
FYI, my premium account is a 7-day trial that hasn't expired yet. Could that be the problem?


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[RELEASE] RadioTunes XBMC plugin - formerly Sky.fm (21th Sep 2014: v3.0.0)1
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