Tvheadend 3.2
We're pleased to announce that Tvheadend v3.2 has now been officially released. This represents the first official/stable release from the new team.

For details on where to get the latest packages (or source) please visit the download page. You can also find more information about some of the changes in 3.2 on the release page.

Please accept that the issue tracker and changelog etc. are not as complete as we'd like. Given the large changes that have happened, both in terms of software and the development team, it has been a struggle to get everything perfectly up to date. Hopefully this will improve going forward.

We'd like to thank all those that have helped during the beta testing. And all our users for being patient, its been a long time coming.

And just to wet the appetites for what should be coming in the next v3.4 release, here are couple of the things we're hoping to be working on:

- DVB adapter/mux management (particularly for multi tuner setups)
- DVR Improvements (more options, etc...)
- Timeshift (yes, it will finally happen, one way or another)

Tvheadend Team
Excellent excellent and thanks!

I'll get rid of that sky box yet!
I'm currently putting together a TV server, Just in time! Big Grin
Great stuff! It's amazing how quickly tvheadend development is moving these days. Pretty exciting.
Thanks for the feedback guys.

There are still some issues that need ironing out etc... (no diff to most software releases Wink ). But we're pretty confident this release will be stable and a good replacement for 2.12, 2.99, 3.0, or whatever else people happen to be using these days.

By moving forward like this it also gives us a better base from which to really push on with development. We've even seen commits from Andreas in the last few weeks, so lets hope we see some cool stuff coming from him, since ultimately this is his baby and he knows it better than anyone else.

Of course if you do find any issues with this release please do submit tickets on, 3.2 issues will be prioritised for a few weeks. Then its back to playing with the new cool features we hope to include in 3.4 Smile

You weren't joking when you said yesterday that 3.2 is pretty much wrapped, were you? :-)

Good job, very much appreciated, and looking forward to all the tvheadend goodness that you and the team have planned. It's great to see an old friend thriving again!
Installed Smile
Nice !!!
Tnx. Will the packages for ubuntu 8.04 be available?
I thought I uploaded hardy build? Though I should point out that for various reasons 3.2 is likely to be the last release that will support hardy.

Ok, looks like there is a problem with launchpad building hardy, it was working previously on the betas and nothing has changed significantly. It looks like a launchpad issue (surprise, surprise), as its not even getting to the build stage.

If it continues to fail I'll try and provide some packages for manual installation.

adamsutton: I have specified /home/xxxxx/DVR as my Recording folder. After I finish recording a program, there are no files in the folder. Is there a default folder I can check to see if the recordings are being saved in other than what I specified in TVheadend's confing (/home/xxxxx/DVR)?
Just a quick note to say thanks Adam, you and the rest of the team have done some amazing work on tvheadend over the last few months.

3.2 final has fixed my genre issues (even though i'm still on eden which is limited to the 1.0 hts plugin) and everything runs great. Thanks guys.
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@beschmid - if you switch debugging on (in the web interface, small cog in the bottom right - click the up arrow if you can't see it), you'll get a debug message like this one when a recording starts:

Oct 23 21:58:30 revo tvheadend[9621]: Service: Subscription "DVR: Fresh Meat": Adding adapter "_dev_dvb_adapter1_Conexant_CX24116_CX2411810714000_H" for service "Conexant CX24116/CX24118/ASTRA: 10,714,000 kHz Horizontal (No satconf)/Channel 4"
Oct 23 21:58:31 revo tvheadend[9621]: dvr: /home/xbmc/Recordings/Fresh Meat.2012-10-23.22-00.mkv from adapter: "Conexant CX24116/CX24118", network: "ASTRA", mux: "ASTRA: 10,714,000 kHz Horizontal (No satconf)", provider: "BSkyB", service: "Channel 4"
Oct 23 21:58:31 revo tvheadend[9621]: dvr:  # type                 lang resolution       samplerate channels
Oct 23 21:58:31 revo tvheadend[9621]: dvr:  1 MPEG2VIDEO                704 x 576
Oct 23 21:58:31 revo tvheadend[9621]: dvr:  2 MPEG2AUDIO           eng                   48000      2
Oct 23 21:58:31 revo tvheadend[9621]: dvr:  3 TELETEXT             eng                                         <disabled, no valid input>
Oct 23 21:58:31 revo tvheadend[9621]: dvr:  4 DVBSUB               eng          
Oct 23 21:58:31 revo tvheadend[9621]: dvr:  5 TEXTSUB              eng

(this is lifted straight from my log, so has more than you need). You can see where it's putting the file, and the file name, right at the top, in the second line - in this case, /home/xbmc/Recordings/Fresh Meat.2012-10-23.22-00.mkv

You can also switch debugging-to-syslog on by changing the file /etc/default/tvheadend - look for the lines:

#   if set to 1 will output debug to syslog

and change the last one to

#   if set to 1 will output debug to syslog

... and all of your debug messages will then end up in /var/log/syslog. See what that shows you versus what you're expecting.
Is version 3.2 able to use CrystalHD card for HD decoding?

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