WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
(2013-05-21, 13:45)giaur Wrote:
Quote:Would you go to settings page to change the 3d mode or rather use a shortcut?
For me personally.... it depends. Main problem with shortcut - keyboard is needed. All the rest of things that are needed to be done, can be done with mouse (I use wireless mouse). Even if I have keyboard connected, I still need to stand up and press 'y'. So this option in settings menu may be useful in some cases.Good example is Raspberry PI as media center. I usually don't want keyboard connected to it, wireless mouse is enough. The same if I have pc hidden behind my tv, configured to start xbmc automatically. There is no place and need to connect keyboard.

The option is not removed, but hidden and can be viewed in Standard level and above.

Quote:At the end... I don't think this option is unusable itself. But maybe you should place it somehwere in video settings available during playback? Next to aspect ratio and other video settings. Instead of main xbmc settings. 3D mode selected this way sholud be stored for each movie separately (if user choose settings as default for this movie) and stop playback = switch to 2D mode again (or, probably last used mode selected globally). When user starts the same movie next time, all video settings are loaded again (it works this way already) + selected previously 3D mode.
All of this would be custom settings to override auto detected 3d mode. Note that 3d auto detect functionality can detect 3d mode incorrectly in some cases, or even not detect as 3d at all (wrong file name, no 3d tag or wrong 3d tag inside mkv etc). So possibility to override it and store settings for each movie is not bad idea.

Good suggestion, but needs more time to code. I have only just started to analyze these codes. The xbmc source code is just overwhelming.

(2013-05-21, 10:58)baijuxavior Wrote:
(2013-05-21, 09:36)da-anda Wrote:
(2013-05-20, 18:21)baijuxavior Wrote: [quote='baijuxavior' pid='1425489' dateline='1369066913']There isa bug with subtitles in OU mode. The upper subtitle is positioned somewhat in the middle of the upper frame and so the two subtitles are never merged. I found this in FullHD TV resolution. In my 720p laptop it works correctly.
Didn't have issues so far IIRC. What kind of subtitles was it? SRT?

It is SRT subtitle. I need to check if the bug is in the subtitle depth code. Will run the original elupus code to see if that also has this problem.

Tested the elupus version and subtitles function correctly in OU mode. This is a problem with subtitle depth. Setting depth to '0' solved the problem but is a not a permanent solution.

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