WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
(2013-06-09, 15:22)giaur Wrote: Hmm...

Still the same in my case - I have no idea why? File AdvancedSettings.cpp is already fixed (but line 526, not 534):
pElement = pRootElement->FirstChildElement("video");
  if (pElement)
    XMLUtils::GetString(pElement, "stereoscopicflagssbs", m_stereoscopicflags_sbs);
    XMLUtils::GetString(pElement, "stereoscopicflagstab", m_stereoscopicflags_tab);      //Line 526
    XMLUtils::GetFloat(pElement, "subsdelayrange", m_videoSubsDelayRange, 10, 600);
    XMLUtils::GetFloat(pElement, "audiodelayrange", m_videoAudioDelayRange, 10, 600);
    XMLUtils::GetInt(pElement, "blackbarcolour", m_videoBlackBarColour, 0, 255);
    XMLUtils::GetString(pElement, "defaultplayer", m_videoDefaultPlayer);
    XMLUtils::GetString(pElement, "defaultdvdplayer", m_videoDefaultDVDPlayer);
    XMLUtils::GetBoolean(pElement, "fullscreenonmoviestart", m_fullScreenOnMovieStart);
    // 101 on purpose - can be used to never automark as watched
    XMLUtils::GetFloat(pElement, "playcountminimumpercent", m_videoPlayCountMinimumPercent, 0.0f, 101.0f); //Line 534

So I didn't changed anything. Also, I replaced code in BaseRenderer.cpp as you suggested, but it doesn't make any difference. I did some screenshots:

As you can see, still movie is displayed incorrectly. I've also tried sbs movies and situation is analogical.

Maybe I should have something changed in preferences? Or I have some wrong sources?

All settings are defaults - I only switched on stereoscopic support. Can you reproduce this issue?

I don't have this problem if the movie is named correctly. This problem was there if 3d tag detection fails which I fixed as posted in the code.

Why there is a difference of 8 lines in your advancedsettings code? see if the following lines are present:

392 - m_stereoscopicflags_sbs = "3DSBS|3D.SBS|HSBS|H.SBS|H-SBS| SBS |FULL-SBS|FULL.SBS|FULLSBS|FSBS";
393 - m_stereoscopicflags_tab = "3DTAB|3D.TAB|HTAB|H.TAB|3DOU|3D.OU|3D.HOU| HOU | OU ";
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