WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
(2013-09-28, 09:31)kapitan-iglu Wrote: Hello,
at first, new stereoscopic mode of xbmc is really great, I was dreaming about it for two years. Thaks!

Now the question: is it possible to detect when xbmc changes stereoscopis mode from (service) plugin? Something like "onPlayBackStarted()" or "isPlaying()" methods in Player class for detecting if something is playing. My goal is to change TV into 3D mode over ethernet (already tested) using service plugin when xbmc enters 3D mode (because on linux I don't have any other option).

Is there any way how to solve this?

Thank you,

(2013-09-28, 12:30)baijuxavior Wrote: You can check the filename for 3d content and call the plugin to change 3d mode of tv. This is the script I use for my sony tv:


Also look at jaaps code for lg tv https://github.com/jaaps/script.custom.3dmodelgtv

Thank you, I've done it (temporarily) by checking 3D tag in filename.

(2013-09-28, 12:19)da-anda Wrote: the stereomode of the GUI is stored in a GUI setting, so if you can bind a listener/observer to settings changes in python you could do this

But I thing that looking for acual GUI mode is "the right way". Unfortunately, I was unable to find anything relevant to "bind a listener/observer to settings changes". Could somebody point me how to do it? Some example/some addon which is already using this feature/anything/...

Thanks a lot!

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