WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
(2014-01-20, 15:36)TjaLfE Wrote: Hi....

I'm running recent nightly builds. How much of this 3D support is in those nightly's?
I have some FULL TAB 3D movies i would like to playback, but i cant get them to play correctly on my TV.

I have a LG 2013 model with passive 3d. Half TAB works like a charm.


Can you tell us exactly what is wrong with the playback? Your description is very vague. I personally have many full TAB movies working perfectly on an LG 55" 3D passive TV. One issue I came across while making my own rips is that you need to set the aspect ratio manually using a program like MKVmerge to get it to display correctly. DVDfab doesn't set this flag and therefore XBMC assumes the video is double height.

Finally for all the people who say there is no benefit for making a full TAB movie, that'n not actually true. There are a lot of times when I prefer to watch in 2D, so a full TAB movie allows me to do that at 1080p.

(2014-01-20, 21:55)da-anda Wrote:
(2014-01-20, 16:23)Hasu0bs Wrote: To be honest, I find the 3D settings in XBMC very confusing. What is preferred mode for when the default behaviour for film stereo mode is "ask me"? Where can I select the 3D orientation the video file has if the auto detection fails?
Suggestions to make it easier to understand (besides of adding settings descriptions which we are working on)?

The preferred mode can be defined in Settings -> System -> Video. It's there because support for stereoscopic photos might come in future and thus the preferred mode has to be in a central place not related to a specific media type.

Can I make a comment/request?

I'd prefer if there were separate settings for 2D and 3D modes. I'll try to explain what I mean.
Right now, in stereoscopic mode we have a whole list of different modes, most of which I never use. In fact I use a passive TV so only ever use TAB. However, on occasion I like to play my movies in 2D. Currently I have it set to 'ask me', which displays the whole list. What I would like is to have my preferred mode set to 'TAB', but still have an option at the start of a movie that just says '2D or 3D'.

I hope that makes sense!

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