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The price of Bitcoin has been so unstable lately, that it wouldn't make much sense to accept donations in bitcoin (just check out the exchange rate) rather than regular currency. There's also tons of negative news with some federal agents stealing during a Silky Road investigation etc, that it just doesn't sound like a very good idea right now.
The price doesn't matter because bitcoins can be converted automatically to the fiat currency of your choice, some of the example companies that I mentioned transform the bitcoins immediately when you accept payments.

The news are always sensationalist so that can't be argued Wink
We actually accept bitcoin for same time now, technically it is working but it still needs to be dressed up with some text a bit.
Great, well done Blush
You reminded me about it, so I added a link to the normal donation page and some explanation to the bitcoin page itself.
(2014-11-21, 00:01)neoranga Wrote: Hi guys, I want to know if the option to accept Bitcoin is still being considered
Looks like it now is possible through BitPay, read this

Would be even cooler with the suggested dedicated Bitcoin mining screensaver for Kodi though.
Seriously Rocker, stop bumping posts to further your own agenda. It's getting annoying.

I had already responded to him hours before and from your edit history it becomes clear you are only doing this because you want a screensaver. This does not belong in this forum.

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