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Win HOW-TO setup Boblight for Windows and Boblight XBMC
WIP - this is still a work in progress so its possible that some things are missing.

I decided to post this because I was looking for the latest windows version of boblight and a calculator for the boblight.conf but wasn't able to find anything so I compiled boblight myself and wrote a small config creator in java.

First you need a boblight compatible "Ambilight".
I built the Adalight, its easy to build and 100LED setup cost me about 60€ (probably 80$).
You can find a really good tutorial here: http://learn.adafruit.com/adalight-diy-a...v-lighting
LEDStream for SM16716 LEDs

This how-to is for Win7 and Win8 I did only test it with 64bit but there should be no problem with 32bit versions.

I'm using a 100LED setup with a 55" TV but it should work with every setup as long as the first LED is at the bottom center of the TV and the others clockwise so the last LED is next to the first one.

Files needed:

boblightd (r476) new .bat included
BoblightConfigCreator (now with Enigma2 support)

BobDroid (if you want to control boblight from your Android device)

1) Extracting
Extract folder to your C: drive (If you for any reason cant use the C: drive you have to change the path in the start.bat file).
It should look like this: C:\boblightd\ with the files inside.

You can copy the start.bat anywhere you want you just need it to start boblight.

2) Creating Config
Start BoblightConfigCreator.jar (You must have java installed to run it) this is an alpha version but it should work if you type in everything correctly.
If you're not using an Adalight you have to edit the [device] part in the boblight.conf manually.

On the top you just enter the number of LEDs of your setup.
My setup for example has:
16 LEDs on the bottom left
19 LEDs on the left
33 LEDs on Top
19 LEDs on the right
and 17 LEDs on the bottom right.

You have to count the LEDs at the edge for every side.
So just count the exact amount you can see when looking at the LEDs from the side.

You can change the capture and color settings how you like.

After that change output to the one you're using and you should be done.
The other options are optional.

Click File->Save and the boblight.conf should get created.

3) Starting boblight
Now you should be able to start boblight by clicking the start.bat.

Thanks to user "levimadman" its working with just a .bat now.

start.bat is included + the .bat converted to .exe (If your boblightd is not at c:/boblightd/ change it in the .bat)

If everything is working your LEDs should light up when you start boblight.

4) Boblight XBMC Addon
Now you can start XBMC and install the Boblight add-on (official repo->Services->XBMC Boblight)
When asked if you want to install libraries click yes.
After the add-on is installed you should see a message that the add-on is connected to boblight, and your LEDs should light up again.
It should work with the default add-on setting.

The lights only work while a video is playing so you wont see anything in the menus (you can activate static backlight in the add-on settings).

You should have a working Ambilight now.

Thanks everyone working on boblight, XBMC boblight and Adalight.

Stolen from user quixand.
A time ago i wrote a .bat file as a little workaround for the problem that boblight couldnt open the com3 port. Maybe someone could use this too.

Quote:start "Port Opener" /MIN C:\Program Files (x86)\Prismatik\prismatik.exe -c


taskkill /im prismatik.exe -f


start "boblightd" /MIN C:\boblightd\boblightd.exe -c c:\boblightd\boblight.conf -f


C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC\xbmc.exe


EDIT: Better use Prismatik ;-) -> http://code.google.com/p/lightpack/downloads/list
I dont think this works with the latest arduino software you have to start the monitor. Just starting the software doesnt help.
Well with my 1.01 it works. Also u could use the Lighpack/Prismatik Software http://code.google.com/p/lightpack/. Works fine! Just edit the .bat for Lightpack.exe.
Yea I know it works with other stuff too but I asked bob in the google group if there is a way to add it to boblight so we dont have to use another program.

Right know its kinda anoying that I get 2 colorswirls every startup.

There is another version out but I dont if there are changes worth compiling.

EDIT: uploaded to the 1st post
Added a new version of the config creator.
updated boblighthd to commit 465 from today.
I cannot locate the start.bat you are referring to in your instructions. Am I missing something?
Nevermind, I figured out what you mean't. One more question though.... is it possible to compile an x11 client for boblight so the lights will function in windows too?

Edit: I am using an arduino with TLC5940's.
Forgot to add the bat. No X11 does not work on windows.
Hello TeKo,

I didn`t find a .bat including your ZIP file.
But with boblight --h you can see anyway how the exe has to be executed.

My goal is following.
I have a boblightd daemon running on my Dreambox SAT receiver.
Now I would like to play a bluray on my Windows 8 PC and send the light information from the PC to the receiver where my 50 LEDs (Adalight) are connected.

I would need a working grabber on my Windows PC.

Is there a way to get one without XBMC installation?

I have the Visual Studio .NET @ work and can code C#.
Where do I get the source code for Windows from?
Would like to compile it just 4 fun like you did.

But main focus for a grabber that can send data to the boblight daemon Wink


Yea I didn't add the bat to the latest version. There are some other programs but they don't use bob light and you need to run your player in windowed mode.
Updated boblight version
Fellas - here is my batch for windows boblight which solves the com port opening problem :

MODE COM8:9600,N,8,1 >NUL

tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq boblightd.exe" 2>NUL | find /I /N "boblightd.exe">NUL
if "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="0" goto running

cd c:\users\barcode\desktop\boblightd\

echo running..
Wow, great job.

Working like a charm.

Updated the first post and added the new bat to the boblight files.
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