[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
You have to use:
./texturecache.py P

note the "P" and not "p"

refer to the wiki in first post:
[p, P] Prune texture cache by identifying (p) or removing (P) accumulated cruft such as image previews, previously deleted movies/tv shows/music whose artwork remains in the texture cache even after cleaning the database. Essentially, remove any cached file that is no longer associated with an entry in the media library and is therefore just wasting disk space

Also, P removes textures13.db rows which references files no longer on your media library)

I think what you need is:
./texturecache.py R
to remove local files not referenced on textures13.db

[r, R] Reverse query cache, identifying "orphaned" files that are no longer referenced in the texture cache database. Use R option to auto-delete these files.

./texturecache.py Xd
to remove row on textures13.db which are not referenced on yout Thumbnails folder.

refer to:
[Xd] Remove those rows from the texture cache database that do not have corresponding files in the Thumbnails folder (ie. remove same rows identified by X)
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