[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2015-09-09, 19:19)Milhouse Wrote:
(2015-09-09, 18:57)denywinarto Wrote: Unlike the first option where clients have to access single shared thumbnails from the NAS

Sharing the Thumbnails folder between multiple clients is asking for problems - it's not a supported option (because it doesn't/can't work) and it will cause problems.

(2015-09-09, 18:57)denywinarto Wrote: I got another issue related to Textures13.db,
It seems like my database is messed up and Kodi won't scrape fanarts and posters from the path i already scrap before.. any idea why?
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I don't wanna rebuild the database if possible Sad

You seem rather confused about the purpose of the texture cache - you shouldn't have deleted the local artwork (which normally resides alongside your video files) from your NAS as Kodi now has no source for the artwork it may need to cache and display.

You should upload a debug log (wiki) into your thread, maybe someone will be able to work out what has happened but you've obviously got something out of sync. My guess would be that you should probably delete the Textures13.db and Thumbnails folders, make sure you're not doing any Path Substitution/sharing of Thumbnails, and then re-scrape your TV Shows. Please continue discussion of this issue in your other thread, scraper issues are somewhat OT for this thread, although you can use this script to view the artwork urls for a tvshow and that might give you a clue what is happening:
./texturecache.py jd tvshows "tvshowname"

Sorry Milhouse, i figured it out, it was because the nfo generated by filebot Big Grin

I wasn't referring to the thumbnails folder,
what i meant was the artworks stored in each movies & tvshows,
what if they're shared to multiple clients...
compared to cached diskless userdata containing thumbnails folder unique to each client

It's strange, i just did some testing on 2 PC using diskless scheme

i used 52 tvshows stored in 2 A-E folders (intentionally duplicated to test the performance)
The first one has the artwork (posters, banners, etc) stored in NAS generated using filebot script
The second has the artwork fetched manually from Kodi and is stored within userdata folder

Both are restarted first before opening Kodi
Browsing the first one seems to be faster..
There's a noticable delay, especially in background poster for the second one..

But then again, this is only a small sample, can't tell if it'll be the same for larger sample and heavier network traffic
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