Solved Loss of HDMI when TV is powered off
Ok, the \ does in fact still toggle xbmc from windowed to full screen, but the windowed mode it is in AFTER hitting the \ is not the same as when I first power on the TV. And tonight the behavior was different.

Here is what happened tonight. Power on the TV, Windows 8 desktop opens with XBMC over to the top left corner of the screen. However, tonight the size of the XBMC screen was very different that it has been in the past. I am guessing it was 240 pixels wide by 8-900 pixels tall. I have never seen it at that size before. Hitting the \ key centered a true Windowed XBMC in the center of the desktop with the typical windows boarder with minimize, maximize and close buttons on the top left. \ again goes to true full screen no windows boarder (what I want). So I have 3 distinctly different states that XBMC is in during the first 3 presses of \.

1. Normally a box about 800x600 in size but tonight much thinner and a bit taller probably 240x850
2. A typical Windows application window. Go to settings to check size and I can't read the resolution setting it is too small.
3. Typical full screen no boarder.

On the 4th press I toggle between 2 and 3 above, it never returns to the bizarre boarderless top left corner box.

Going to drop those settings into advancedsettings and see what happens. Won't be able to test till tomorrow evening and have no idea how long the TV must be off before this happens again. I did find a thread at work about this, only 2 posts long, same exact issue, no resolution and both posts came from people using AMD onboard video. I know one of them if not both had APU's like my A8. I will try to find that and post the link.

Again thanks for the help and it maybe an AMD thing.

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Loss of HDMI when TV is powered off2
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