Set MCE remote ID within XBMC
I have two different XBMC's running in my living room. As such, I would like to control them independently. I use a standard MCE remote, which works out-of-the-box with XBMC (wonderful !)

But one remote causes action on both XBMC's (confusing).

Easy solution, I think. MCE remotes first send an ID ahead of each command (defaults to "1"). See below on how to change that ID on the remote (e.g. to "2"). Now the kicker : How do I get XBMC to change the remote control ID that he's expecting (i.e. change it from "1" to "2")

NOTE : How to change the MCE remote to a different ID --> press and hold the DVD Menu button on the remote control, then press a number button (1-8) for five seconds. Remote controls with visible LED signal indicators will blink twice to confirm the change.

Thanks !
Hi Chad,
I don't think XBMC is the right place to look for. You probably have to tell Windows to respond to the right one.
... found this thread:
This might help.

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Thanks for the help ! I should have mentioned : This is XMBC running on top of Linux, more specifically, it's an OpenELEC build. So to your point, I guess I'm seeking a way to make that underlying Linux OS respond to the different remote ID.


NOTE : For what it's worth, I did indeed successfully get a window box to respond correctly, via information in that very post you quoted Smile

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Set MCE remote ID within XBMC0
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