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Adding button to home page
Hi all, is there a way to add a custom link to the home page? In my case, I would like to add one called "Downloads" that goes a specific source under the Videos > Files folder. Right now I just press the Videos button and select the folder from the list, but would prefer just to have a button at the start that goes straight to that particular folder.

I tried editing the "home.xml" file via the wiki article, but every time I change the source from Videos,Files to Video,Files,Downloads...it just reverts back to the Files page. I hope that makes sense.

Help please...Big Grin
I've been screwing with it some more...and I can add a link to the homepage, and I can get it to do pretty much ANYTHING except go to a specific folder. For instance I can do <onclick>ActivateWindows(Favouries), or (Weather), or even (Videos,Files). But whenever I do (Videos,Files,Folder) it will not select it and instead go only as far as the "Files" folder (leaving me to select the folder from there, which is an extra annoying step and confuses others because there are a bunch of other folders in there (movies, tv show, bluray, music etc).
I would like also to add a custom button to home menu. Can anybody help which code do I need to modify in Home.xlm. or do I need to modify more xlm files?

Until now all I have made is modify the source of the buttons but when I try to add a new one, all I get is a black screen and the menu is lost
It might be a little late, but if someone is looking for this, here is how to achieve that:

<item id="10">

This - or something similar - should be inserted in Home.xml, inside the <control type="list" id="9000"> tag's <content> tag, near the end of the file.

The <label> part ('Downloads' above) decides what will be the title of the new button, the path in the <onclick> tag's function (ActivateWindow) is where the button will take you (it should contain the protocol as well, so for e.g.: 'smb:\\SERVER\Folder\'). 10025 is the ID of the videolibrary, for more info, consult this page: Window_IDs (wiki)

The <item> also has <icon> and <thumb> tags, see your Home.xml file, to see how to set them up.
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