Req DIAL Support - An Opensource AirPlay implementation by Netflix and Youtube
DIscovery And Launch protocol (DIAL) was announced by Youtube and Netflix, as a competitor to Apples Airplay.

It works much the same as Airplay, a Client or a 1st screen device discovers compatible 2nd screen devices to which it may send content too.

A First screen device is typically a PC or a phone.
A Second screen device is typically a Media Centre, TV, etc...

DIAL Protocol Specification

Im proposing and gauging interest in development of XBMC as 2nd screen device.

any sample opensource implimentation?
Made for TV that rocks -
sorry should have posted the link to the website
yet another protocol - why didn't they simply use UPNP.
edit: wait, it's based on UPNP according to docs but adds a REST wrapper or something.
Let me add few cents here...

DIAL is a very worthy AirPlay competitor with few unique features aimed at SmartTVs that make a lot of sense for XBMC.

First, DIAL lets one app (streamer) stream to any DIAL device content that is specific for an app (not just music and media, but app data too!) and the DIAL device automatically recognizes the app it needs to render this content, and either launches the app or opens a appstore link to the app (using whatever store is available on the DIAL device). For example, XBMC remote can launch an XBMC app/UI on a SmartTV simply by streaming the content to that device without worry whether it is supported or not.
Now this just became more important with Android and Chrome supporting the protocol and introduction of Chromecast.
It would be much easier for all of us to just use the service within xbmc rather than switching HDMI port.
Quote:1st Screen CE Device Developer

If you are a 1st screen CE device developer, you must implement a DIAL server on the device and integrate this server with your application launcher framework.

To implement a DIAL server, you will need:
Info from this site:
The DIAL specification
The Sample Implementations serve as a useful starting point

Info from your DIAL-enabled 1st screen app partners:
Whether they accept payloads
Whether there are any unique launch parameters for DIAL launches

Sample code:

might be worth someone from the XBMC team registering XBMC as a DIAL name and prefix.
I still didn't stumble over DIAL in daily internet usage. So how come that you think this is some major thing which deserves an implementation? *wonders*
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Actually it is not just DIAL but Google Cast API: ChromeCast has been a big hit, and new android devices and Chrome browser will support it. Cast API seems like it will be the AirPlay for Google, for Android.
(2013-07-26, 11:17)Memphiz Wrote: I still didn't stumble over DIAL in daily internet usage. So how come that you think this is some major thing which deserves an implementation? *wonders*

I own a LG LED 3D smart TV that supports it.
I can watch online videos from my Android smartphone and tablet to my TV. (using apps like iMediaShare, Youtube, BEAM even lets me play video`s from within a browser)

All i have to do is open the app, search for a video,hit a button in the video player screen and it will automatically detect and list compatible devices.
After selecting my TV from the list with compatible devices from within the apps video player, my TV automatically plays the video.
iMediaShare and Youtube even allow me to browse for more videos on my Android device while the TV keeps playing the video i started.
When i find a video i would like to view i can choose to abort the one thats playing on my TV and start a new one or add the next to a queue. When the 1st video is done playing my TV automatically starts the next in queue.

As there is no XBMC app for LG tv`s i would really like to be able to use XBMC as mentioned above.
Does anyone know if DIAL support in XBMC is in development anywhere?

I'm shocked to see some people poo-pooing the need for DIAL support in XBMC. Chromecast is awesome because it separates the control and presentation layers of media playback, letting me use the touch-based UI of a tablet or phone to control the TV, rather than a clunky remote like XBMC. XBMC already does this to a certain extent as well, allowing control using a keyboard or Wiimote, etc... DIAL is a natural extension of that.

The only reason I still keep my XBMC box around is for watching local content. As soon as Chromecast apps expand their media collection, or allow playback of 'local' network content, I can't see any reason to keep XBMC around. On the other hand, if XBMC were to add DIAL support, I'd much prefer to continue using it as open-source software, and because I'm somewhat wary of embedded devices like Chromecast.

For instance, Leapcast is an open-source implementation of a DIAL receiver. I wonder if that could be integrated into XBMC.
The main reason it is poo-poo'ed is because almost all of them are just "yet another protocol" and we already support an excellent, open source, and leading standard of UPnP A/V. Through UPnP A/V we also cover most DLNA devices. DAIL is even based on UPnP A/V, which makes you wonder why they didn't make it backwards compatible for some of the functionality. We're all for adding cool stuff like this, but there's almost a dozen of these specialized protocols out there, because each company or group of companies want to use something different.

If it can be integrated into XBMC, I doubt anyone would object to it (assuming it is done using a sane method). It just needs someone who wants to work on it. It's possible it might even work with our UPnP stuff with a little work, but someone would need to find out.

Still, we can do all that DAIL can do and more, and support is likely already built into devices you already have. For example, just about every Android phone out there should be able to directly beam a movie or song to XBMC, without ever touching the XBMC remote. Even iOS and the desktop OSes have applications that can beam media over. XBMC can beam media to other XBMC boxes, complete with two way control (in nightly builds (wiki)). Most "smart" TVs can be UPnP/DLNA targets, and XBMC will be able to beam to them as well. You could basically be using a wireless display of sorts with your tablet or laptop, using the work already done in XBMC.
Ned- I apologize for a somewhat rash and uninformed post. I had no idea that DIAL functionality was mostly already available via share - "Play on XBMC" from many Android apps. I'm not sure how I missed that even after using the XBMC app for so long. Maybe this is some indication that a little publicity about this feature is necessary.
It's definitely a hidden gem ;)

Maybe a blog post about this in light of all the chromecast interest would be good. Hmm.
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