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Minimizing XBMC to keep upnp running
I put a TV downstairs with a Wdtv live on and am using upnp to stream to it. My main computer is upstairs and in the past I close XBMC when I'm done, but now I need it to always run. I use a MCE remote and pressing close on it brings up the shutdown menu but it only gives me the option to shutdown XBMC (Aeon Nox) instead of the shutdown option that allows XBMC to only minimize if I have that setting checked. I don't want to use the keyboard at all when using XBMC.

I think there's a few different options but I'm not sure if any are possible, could anybody let me know if these are workable?

1. Change the shutdown menu to have the option to completely minimize XBMC
2. Map a button on my remote to emulate win+m.
3. Have upnp continue to run even when xbmc is closed.

If any of these are possible could you tell me how I would go about it. Thanks!
Map a remote control button or keyboard key via your custom keyboard.xml (wiki) with the following:
thanks... was searching for that info too.

Minimizing XBMC to keep upnp running51