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Windows - XBMC skips movie folders/files

I have come across a strange issue. I moved from Eden to Frodo some time ago. When leaving Eden I exported the media database which led to put some files being put in every movie folder. I recently noticed that Frodo is NOT listing some of the movies that were in the library in Eden.

Exact case:
- I cannot find movie "9" ( in the database
- However when I use the search functionality in XBMC Frodo it does find the movie, however using the "hit" in the search results XBMC leads to nothing as it cannot find the movie files
- Updating the library does not solve the problem (Error log of updating the library and not finding the movie "9". Yes there are some other issues with movies in the log but these I can handle, still need to solve these)
- I noticed that removing the XBMC database file from the export of the previous version does not make any difference
- However I noticed that changing the name of the folder the movie "9" is located in DOES make a difference. E.g. renaming the folder from "9" to "9 (2009)" results in XBMC finding the movie in next update run

I have used the movie "9" in this scenario but I have had some other cases.

Is there a solution for this odd behaviour of XBMC. I do not know how many of my movies are affected by this bug.


XBMC skips movie folders/files00