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Weather.MetOffice is a Weather addon that fetches weather information for thousands of locations accross the UK. It takes its data from the Met Office's "DataPoint" API. (



Site-specific observation for one of approx. 140 locations across the UK. Wind direction, Wind speed, Wind gust, Screen temperature, Weather Type, Visibility, Pressure.

5 Day Forecast

A quality controlled datafeed of site specific, daily, 5-day forecasts for approximately 5,000 locations around the UK.


Your location can be automatically determined using GeoIP services. Under settings you can choose a prefered GeoIP service provider. Then when choosing your location results will be ordered by estimated distance.

Fetch on Request.

To keep response times to a minimum, data is only fetched for the particular page when you, the user, request it. Once it's fetched it's kept cached within XBMC properties and is only refreshed according to the data set's update interval.


Only one Location can be selected. That is, there is no "Location 1", "Location 2", "Location 3" etc. This concept cannot (easily) be applied to Met Office weather, so I've removed it.

Instead there are three location settings, Observation, Forecast and Region.

How to Install

Available in Kodi's main addon repository.

The addon can also be downloaded as a zip: here
Hi powlo

I've downloaded and installed your weather metoffice addon which i'am very much interested in using. The problem is, I can't seem to view any data.(No Weather Forcast) I've registered for datapoint API key and entered key into settings and set two locations. Have i missed a step somewhere?

Going to read more about Metoffice DataPoint API as im not quite clear what it does in the way of features.

Any help getting this running for me would be much appreciated.

Cheers rubbiks
Which version are you using?

In the latest updates I've created a default API key because I thought that might be a barrier for people, so you shouldn't have to register with the Met Office anymore. This should be OK while just a few people are using it.

If the API key is incorrect then a message box should pop up.

I'll update the download link in the OP to the latest version. I imagine that might help.


There's a debug setting for this addon. Enable this and see if anything useful is posted in the log file. You will also need to turn on XBMCs global debug (System > Settings > System > Debugging)
Thanks powlo

Its now working, was using weather.metoffice link in the origanal post (versions 0.0.3) downloaded your repository.powlo and installed from there (version 0.0.6) works great.

My API key didn't need re-entered on update so default key wasn't needed.

Looking forward to your future updates. (hourly forecast and weekend forecast) do a lot of cycling at weekend and can plan best time to go. Also is there a way to add multiple locations as i could be cycling over 60 miles.

Thanks rubbiks
Great glad to hear its working!

(2013-09-23, 13:30)rubbiks Wrote: Also is there a way to add multiple locations as i could be cycling over 60 miles.

The problem here is that Met Office has multiple locations for multiple things. For example, there is currently a Forecast location and an Observation location. Eventually there will also be Regional, National Park, and Mountain locations. Maybe others as Datapoint gets expanded. These are all different things, independent of each other.

So do I give the user three (or more) of each of these? If I do that then it ties "Forecast Location 1" to "Observation Location 1" to "Region 1". This may be what the user wants, but also maybe not. Its foreseeable that a user might want to keep the observation setting the same, but change the forecast location to somewhere else, a holiday destination perhaps.

Or maybe I just allow one of the settings to have multiple locations. For example "Forecasts". This seems a bit lopsided though.

The short answer is no. Tongue Eventually I'll add weather maps, and hopefully that will make the need for multiple locations moot.

NB Met Office doesn't offer a weekend forecast.

Thanks for the addon. I am currently experiencing an issue with a missing key in the MetOffice Datapoint JSON. Perhaps the spec has changed recently? I've raised an issue on the github page.

I've sent this up to the MetOffice team. The json report should contain this data.
Hi, I can't seem to get the nearest observation points for me. According to the Met Office map they should be Manchester University or Manchester Hulme Library. When I put these in the observation section they show up as not found. Is there some site specific name I don't know and a list of them? Thanks.
Don't put anything in the the search box. Just hit return with the box empty. The nearest points according to your IP address will be listed.

I don't think Manchester University and Manchester Hulme Library are locations available through Datapoint (the Met Office API). They're not listed in the sitelist, which is why the search comes up empty.
Hey powlo I'm using your addon and I really like it, its much more accurate than the weather underground add-on. But I want the hourly forecast. is your confluence skin update to the latest skin? I dont want to lose any skin settings. Thanks alot for this addon

just tried installing your skin, but it says dependencies not met, is this skin not compatible with gotham?

I still rather use weather underground because its more accurate Powlo could you please allow it to work in gotham
Thanks! Unfortunately the Met Office does not produce an hourly forecast, only 3 hourly.

And you're right it doesn't work with Gotham (at the moment).
Thats such a shame that it has only 3 hourly report. Strange thing is that on the android app (for met office) we have hourly. looking forward to gotham compatible, still a great addon and most accurate!
They might have a different API that they're using for their android app. I've noticed subtle differences between the layers returned by datapoint and the layers shown on their website.

Here's the services offered by the Datapoint API:

I could pick apart an http request, but that would be more fragile and Met Office could interpret it as misuse.

Unfortunately I don't have time to code for Gotham at the moment, I think I started a fork a while back but I don't know what state its in.
To be clear, the core weather.metoffice addon works with Gotham. It will deliver the basic weather information that all non-wunderground addons provide.

However an update is required to the skin.confluence fork in order to provide the MetOffice specific features (weather map, 3 day forecast etc). I'm currently working on this.

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