Nightlies: After playing multiple videos, no video displayed (but audio plays)

I have just created tracker bug 14449, as I noticed (and have reproduced) the below issue multiple times, and wanted to see if anyone else had encountered it in recent nighties:

As noted in the ticket (copy-paste):

Running 13.0-ALPHA5 (Git:20130614-57f529b) and for the past roughly 2-3 weeks, I have noticed that after playing a few videos (shows/movies), XBMC starts to play videos without the video portion (i.e. no video, but the audio plays).

I have recreated this multiple times. The length of videos doesn't matter, but it seems to happen after a few videos are viewed all the way to the end. As such, I can recreate it fairly simply by playing a few short 5 minute or so videos all the way to the end.

My setup is as follows: 13.0-ALPHA5 Git:20130614-57f529b Windows 8, 64bit 2 Video cards (built-in, plus Nvidia as secondary display on which XBMC is displayed), HDMI Connected to Pioneer TV via Yamaha Receiver

I have attached (to the ticket) the full debug log file, as well as the dmp files which I noticed were generated during my reproduction of issue attempt.
Have you tried full screen windowed instead of ordinary fullscreen ?
Actually, I have to run in full screen windowed because I'm running a dual monitor setup (one to living room TV, while other to pc's monitor). Without this mode xbmc will minimize if it loses focus (eg someone starts using PC)
I added some debug logs, stack traces and mini dumps to the trac ticket aswell. I get this "blackout" every other video, i just have to watch something and the next video just plays audio for 7 seconds and hangs.
To update this, it seems that the issue is triggered only with a specific set of videos. Jumping out of the black screen and playing a movie encoded by me (x264 LC , high profile 4.1 in mp4 container) shows tat video.

I hope the log files attached to ticket are helpful, as I don't know how prevalent this (type of problematic encodes?) could be....

Btw, issue present still with July 1st nightly.
I'm also having the same problem with a set of mkv videos. Could you try this build? It is from before the buffering to video renderers was added.
same here, every "second" playback is broken
i was toying with it and found out that the point where it brakes is the end of playback
if you hit stop before the first playback ends (like during credits or something) you can play next video without problems
cant say if its container/codec specific as i have like only MKVs with h264 so ....

the bug is present in everything marked as alpha5, alpha4 is OK

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Nightlies: After playing multiple videos, no video displayed (but audio plays)0
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