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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-12-08, 06:07)ARYEZ Wrote:
(2013-12-08, 05:39)Lunatixz Wrote:
(2013-12-08, 05:18)ARYEZ Wrote: I just downloaded the latest master...did a clean install, but nothing seems to be really working correctly for me. In fact I found three new bugs...

1. There seems to be two stages of "Focused" now--by which I mean if I scroll through the EPG and go from channel one to channel two for instance, when I scroll down the program on Channel two isn't actually "focused" even though i am currently hovering on it...To actually make it "focused" I have to hit to the left or right. This is definitely a new bug that was introduced in the previous version, but still is present in tonight's update. It makes navigating the EPG extremely tedious so hopefully it can be fixed.

2. in the pic below, look at the lowest channel in the EPG (channel 4 Tekzilla) and notice the program playing in the 830pm timeslot. You can clearly see the name in white (as it should be) but there is a new bug in this version where the name appears underneath it when you hover over it. The grey version of the name scrolls as well.

3. Is Dynamic art supposed to be working for Library content? Notice the fanart displayed is still for Ancient Aliens, as opposed to Six Feet Under (which I am hovering over.)

I probably should mention that the new TVDB changes just cause a black screen failure for me, the version this replaced worked flawlessly though. I can upload a log in a bit if you want to see one.

Did u rebuild your channels?

Small skinning issues are from my changes, there not bugs... just didn't clean skin coding yet...

But your first issue, can you explain further, not following the problem.

Yep I actually did a clean auto tune...then followed it up with a few random genre channels--got the same results both times.

As far as my first problem, I'll demonstrate what I mean with my new skin (the problem occured in the default skin as well but it just is easier to see since the difference in mine is black and white text.

Ok so lets say I'm scrolling through the EPG and decide to watch Hunger Games...I scroll down from the Nitro channel to the Atlas channel beneath it. Im now currently hovering on the Hunger Games as seen in this pic--but as you notice the text is still white...that means as far as the EPG code is concerned I am not actually "focused" on the Hunger Games.

Now in this next pic, I have pressed to the right (as if I was going to watch Indy instead) and now the Text is Black, like it is supposed to be. Only now does the EPG code consider me actually "focused" on the Hunger Games.

I checked on my main HTPC that is still running the previous version of PTVL and this problem exists on that build as well. Perhaps this is tied to the same code that is causing the White on top of Grey text issue?

Either way aside from not looking right this actually makes navigating the EPG significantly more tedious. For instance if i really did want to watch Indy instead I would have to hit to the right twice to get there...I know this might not seem like much of an issue but imagine a movie trailer channel that has 20 trailers on the screen and you have to hit to the right 40 times to get to the one you want.

Bug confirmed as well, current time slot focus is not working. Need to arrow to the right to select current time slot.
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