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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2014-02-09, 01:35)Lunatixz Wrote:
(2014-02-09, 00:11)razorclovis Wrote: I have a request for some offline features.

First: Is it possible to let a channel that plays a directory play the files in the directory play in order?

Second: Is it possible that specials from a tv series are played in the series where the should be played and not on the beginning?

Thats it but i have some few bugs.

First: The EPG fade away if i scroll. The video plays but i lost the control over the Pseudotv interface.

Second: Some Channels especial the HD Channels are very slow and bring the whole thing to crash somtimes.

Third: The Coming on next box is not shown. I used every option and it didnt shown any time. I use confluence skin.

Thanks. I dont have any log file. I don't know how to make. But its awesome work you make and i hope it will be mindblowing if its finished.

1.) Directory Channels should play in Alphanumeric order (enable play in order in advanced channel rules).
2.) If it's part of XBMC's library then specials are included already... If you are referring to non scraped extras you will need to setup a directory channel and interleave that into the channels you want extras in.

1.) Sounds like performance issues, try disabling dynamic artwork.
2.) Differently performance issues, try disabling dynamic artwork, limited PTVL channels and limit per channel media.
3.) I dunno? Coming up code is fine... I use confluence on my dev machine and popups display...

So the performance issues are gone. The background loading was at minimum use so this was the issue. thanks for help.

The directory channels dont play in alphanumeric order. The files are not scraped so i think he dont get it in order. The rule says play TV SHOWS in order. So i think we need an extra rule for file to play in order. i think he searches for episode and season and if he dont get the information he randomize the files.

Coming up box dont show up. All of the pseudotv now works except this. Ok its not a big thing.

So thanks for your quick help.
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