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[Apple TV 2] crashes while watching HD movies on XBMC
I just bought apple tv 2 , firmware 5.2.1 and I noticed it crashes every time I play an HD movie. I enabled dubugging and after the apple tv crashed I uploaded the log.
Here is a link with the log:

I will appreciate any advice or help!
Thank you
I didn't read the log, but I'm almost sure this is a memory leak known issue still not fixed. I was so frustrated for this that I had to test a Pivos XIOS. Much better
Try setting




in your advancedsettings.xml file.
I need some help with finding advancedsettings.xml file? should it be on my computer or it is under the XBMC settings ?
Your userdata folder (wiki). Your log shows you have one, but XBMC does not make this file by default. If you did not make this file then where did it come from? This is a file that should not be made unless you know what it does.
I bought the apple tv jailbroken. do you think the other person created it and that's why I can't find it now?
install winscp
use your atv2 ip adress
user root
password alpine

and look here


right click the advancedsettings.xml and edit

easiest way
[Image: watched-fanart.jpg]
amazing, thank you sladinki007 and Ned Scott. I did what you told me and I think the problem with the crashes has been resolved. Highly appreciate it!
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