Assign separate artwork to top/parent Movie Collection/Set folder?

I'm running

xbmc --version
XBMC Media Center 13.0-ALPHA6 Git:20130713-24258ab
Copyright © 2005-2013 Team XBMC -

on linux/64.

I organize my Videos on disk in folders. One folder per movie, or movie-collection.

I've turned ON library display in 'movie sets'.

I've DL'd and assigned artwork to all my movies.

Where/how can I set the artwork separately for the *collection* folder? At the moment, it seems to (?) randomly choose one from among the movies inside. I'd like to assign a *specific* piece of artwork for the collection folder -- or, ideally, assign artwork == a 'generic folder icon'.

highlight the collection - press 'c' (context menu) - select 'choose art' then navigate to respective folder for thumb or fanart to set collection artwork
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Assign separate artwork to top/parent Movie Collection/Set folder?00