XBMC freezes on add-on video playback via detail view
i noticed a bug when playing videos via the add-on detail view:
Not all addons are affected (maybe it depends on the streaming type/codec). I tried a few, for example, these addons have the problem: 4 Players, ARD, CBSnews, FoxNews, FilmStarts, TheTrailers.
When playing the videos directly, theres no problem. But when playing via the detail view (key 'i'), xbmc freezes (sometimes only for a while). You only hear the audio from the stream.
Debug log

This is not related to the add-ons, its a general problem.
Using XBMC 12.2 with Win8 64Bit.

Is this a known issue?

Edit: When played directly before, it sometimes also works via the detail view. Strange...
I have the same problem.
It concerns, among other things, the same addons.
If I play the video directly, there are no Problem.
But if I play the video in the detail view, the xbmc freeze.

I also use XBMC 12.2 with Win8 64Bit.
I can confirm how to reproduce this bug.

- Frodo 12.2
- Windows 7 SP1 with latest updates.
- Atom D727
- ATI Mobility 5300

How to reproduce:
1. Open any video plugin (I used FilmStarts.de, MySpass.de, several others).
2. Choose a video stream and play directly from the list of streams - will work
3. Stop video, choose a video stream, show details and play from there - won't work
4. XBMC will hang for a long time OR will hang and needs to be quit via task manager
no one? Sad
To all Team-XBMC members: Should i just open a trac ticket to get this pushed a bit? Or should i wait till someone of you confirms this as a general bug?
The problem was first posted over 2 months ago, but no one seems to care...
That would be greatly appreciated.
Trac ticket
(2013-08-04, 16:41)AddonScriptorDE Wrote: Trac ticket
Seems the Trac ticket is being ignored for a long time now Undecided
thx to all. I have the same exact Problme. Using Frodo (Aeon Nox) on Win 8.1 64 bit. The tip with deactivating the detailed view worked perfect for me. But its strange, hope it will be fixed soon.
If I understand correctly, the detail view implies that xbmc will try to display information about which ever is presently selected when you click on it. Most video add-ons have information on themselves but they don't have any information on the stream listed by the add-ons. For exemple, the Twit.tv addons has info about himself, but it doesn't have any about the episode listed. So when I click on one, xbmc get a bit confused... It try to display the info and instead display a black screen and at the same time, it start playing the stream...

And I understand that it isn't a simple thing to fix this, as it may impact other type of add-ons, like launchers who scrape some info about their linked content.
I have exactly the same problem! Not only the few addons listed above are affected. A lot more are not working.
Over 7 months later and still not fixed in 12.3 Sad You should better remove the play button from the info view if its not working / fixable. Or is it working for most of you? Maybe some users can test if its working or not.
According to the TRAC ticket, this should be fixed in latest Gotham. Will give it a try…
(2014-01-19, 14:25)Cassiel Wrote: According to the TRAC ticket, this should be fixed in latest Gotham. Will give it a try…
Nope... Still not fixed in latest nightly from yesterday (XBMCSetup-20140121-c914d10-master)!

Im wondering why Martin just writes it "might" be fixed. Its easy to reproduce.
But i guess we are just not enough people with the problem...
This sucks Sad
If someone would be kind enough to upload a debug log to the Trac ticket using a nightly build (wiki) that will inform the devs that this is indeed still an issue. Just use your username/password from the forums on Trac.

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XBMC freezes on add-on video playback via detail view1
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