Synology DSM 4.3 And upgraded NFS Options
Ok, i'll do it

thanks.. we are near to solving..

I have my synology working again with NFS support!!

great patch!

But i recomend to upgrade the wiki because synology options for NFS have changed and no more need to edit with Vi the /etc/exports file..

All is in the NFS privileges window now.

Easier than before..

Best regards!!!

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Has this been fixed yet, I've just unboxed and setup my new synology and I can't access via NFS.

I can't figure out if it's user error or the machine.
It appears with a recent DSM upgrade Synology has decided to add a new feature adding support for NFS V4. When they add a new feature, synology has a bad habit of enabling new feature by default. Angry As is with the case with NFS V4 support. Angry

Anyways this recently happened to me. I was unable to browse NFS when adding a source. Digging around I compared the wiki shots to my DSM version and sure enough a new feature was present. In order to fix NFS support on the latest Synology NAS (I'm running a DS413 - DSM Version: 4.3-3810) and be able to browse NFS from within XBMC, support for NFS V4 needs to be disabled/turned off and NFS browsing will work once again.

Screenshot(s) below:


Am I missing something, I've got a DS213J running 4.3-3810 and I can't run NFS on XBMC on an ATV2. It can see it but won't access it. Any advice please.
Hi guys,

I am also having issues with my new synology DS213 and NFS. I have it running the latest DSM 4.3-3810, and I followed all instructions to set up the NFS.

When I mount the nas shared folder from the XBMC command line, I can see the subfolders correctly, but something is wrong with their ownerships:

drwxrwxr-- 30 nobody nogroup 4.0K Nov 10 08:08 Movies
drwxrwxr-- 184 nobody nogroup 12K Nov 10 09:18 Music
drwxrwxr-- 39 nobody nogroup 4.0K Nov 10 13:26 Pictures

also, if I try to cd into one of them I get permission denied, and of course I can't read the stuff from XBMC.

And I if were to type ls Music/, I would get a bunch of these:

ls: cannot access Music/Jazz: Permission denied

and these:

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Alice in Chains

Any hints? I read of people who reported problems with the latest DSM's and NFS, in the sense that XBMC would not automatically find he nfs share; they seem to have that fixed thanks to a patch they got from the Synology support. Thinking of writing to them as well. Thing is that at the moment I don;t care for the share to be automatically found, I am happy mounting it myself.

Also, from my macbook I can access the NFS share with no problems.


EDIT: it was a problem of permissions. I had to select all folders in the shared folder and manually set the owner and group.

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Synology DSM 4.3 And upgraded NFS Options0
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