TV Shows.....A Few Questions
I have been using EMM for years and it works extremely well for me but I still don't understand a few things.

1. What does it mean or what does it indicate when the fanart for a season of a series is black and white? I know that for other seasons of the same show the same fan art is in color so it seems to me that the fact that it's black and white is trying to tell me something.

2. My work flow for movies is fairly simple, when I get done tagging a movie I change it to locked and turn off the unmark it therefore whenever I scan for new movies it is easy to find them as they are red. Not so simple with TV series because if I unmark and lock a series then you have to drill down to find anything new and with a lot of TV series this isn't a simple task. Is there anyway to find new TV episodes easily?

Thanks in advance
1 don't know why it's in b/w but it' only in Ember gui, it doesn't saved in any folder
2 have you tried to use filters? If they is mark as new (green) its just one selection box
I don't see any place to set filters in EMM?
In movie browser tree, have a look at bottom and expand the filters, it affects both movies and TV-Shows

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TV Shows.....A Few Questions0
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