Recording not found? (empty url error while trying to play)

I am using the MediaPortal TV server as a backend for PVR functionality and XBMC with margro excellent plugin for the TV server.

When scheduling a recording on 1 of my Raspberry Pi's running raspbmc (connected to my Win7 PC with TV server), things are recorded normally and i am able to play the recording from the XBMC interface on my Pi's.

However, when i schedule a recording using e.g. iPiMP, the recording is added to the TV-server schedule, and is recorded correctly. It even show's up in the 'recorded' tab on the XBMC interface on my Pi. But when i want to play the recording, XBMC gives me an error stating that the URL is empty or the file is damaged.
When i try to play the recording using the Video-->Files method in XBMC, it play's just fine...Huh

Anybody got a idea if i am doing something wrong?

Regards, and thanx again for the great plugin margro!

Forgot to metion that recodings scheduled using iPiMP do show up in the Schedule section of TV-Server, but do not show up in the XBMC interface on my Pi's.
No reply's so far.. Sad

I will try to explain in a little more detail.

I have a server running win7, mediaportal TV-server (version 1.6) and XBMC (version 12.3).
Both Mediaportal and XBMC are using a mysql database also running on this server.

The server has multiple shares for video's, movies, music, tv recordings, pictures and timeshifting wich are accessible troughout the network

I have 2 raspberry pi's running raspbmc.

All 3 XBMC installations are using the same:
-version of Margro's plugin (with the same setting's)

The XBMC installation wich run's on the server has no problem playing a recorded tv-show (trough the Television menu of XBMC and trough the Video's menu of XBMC)

The 2 pi installation's have no problem scheduling a recording or watching live TV, but when i try to play a recording (trough the Television or Video's menu of XBMC) i get a error stating that the URL XBMC is trying to play is empty.

All XBMC installations are able to play Movies.

Can someone help me? what am i doing wrong?
I have the same problem.. I didn't change anything as far as I know. Only change suggests upgrading to version 13.1 release candidate
Just update to final version.. Same problem Confused
I'm aware that some people have problems with empty recording file names or URLs. Unfortunately I still have no clue what the problem is.

Could you upload the log files from the TV Server and a debug XBMC.log file to e.g. Dropbox or pastebin (if it fits..)
With debugging enabled in XBMC, do also a PVR database reset. This to make sure that the log file contains a backend recording list request.
After that reset, try to play multiple recordings.
Developer of the MediaPortal PVR addon and retired developer of the Argus-TV PVR-addon.
I just noticed my recordings are not playing either. I hope these logs help.


Thanks for these log files. They help indeed. Based on you logs I found a problem in the addon with recordings stored on an external network share.
I saw that the returned recording paths from your MediaPortal backend contain a UNC network share name instead of a local drive letter.
UNC paths don't work anymore in XBMC Gotham (it did work in Frodo), so I have to translate \\server into smb://server before learning XBMC where the recording is stored.

Could you try whether it is fixed using this updated version?
Developer of the MediaPortal PVR addon and retired developer of the Argus-TV PVR-addon.

Works perfectly!

Thank you!

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