Windows - Video playback is extremely slow

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viked2000 Offline
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I am not able to play any movies through my XBMC 12.2 installed on windows 8.1 Dell Laptop. It is extremely slow. With the debugger on, I see 3.9 FPS on the video playback.

Please see additional details attached and advise on how can I correct this.

System details
OS - Windows 8.1
Processor - Intel i5-3317u CPY @1.70 GHz
RAM - 6GB (5.87 GB Usable)
Video - Intel HD Graphics 4000

XBMC - Frodo 12.2

Debugger log - [url=][/url]

Please let me know if u need any additional information.

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steelman1991 Offline
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Have a look here - and welcome to the forums.
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skyclimber Offline
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I am having a similar problem in another thread. I am using XP
Please help.
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jjd-uk Offline
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How are you watching movies, only on the laptop or are you connecting to a TV somehow? I ask as the log only shows your laptop speaker/headphones output device.

If you are viewing on the laptop itself then your audio settings need to be:

Audio output: Analog
Speaker configuration: 2.0
Audio output device: DirectSound: Speakers / Headphones
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