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NAS samba streaming
on a local network 2 network attached storage units are connected combined with an xbox running on xbmc ver.1.10 on a sweex router,all lan. for some reason i can not stream music or videos located on the nas to the xbox. i can see all files and sometimes not all of them.

what could cause this issue is unknow to me. therefore i would like to have your suggestions. i have tried many (all?) options so far and running out of luck. i have been lucky with video once but mp3 didn't worked. now nothing works anymore.

what am i doing wrong?

below the hardware and software settings:
nas_01: v-gear (landisk) static ip:
nas_02: v-gear (landisk) static ip:
(no user name and pass requiered. seems that winxp is using port 139 for samba connection.)
router: sweex subnetmask
default gateway
dns servers
(no additional setting like port forwarding etc.)
xbmc: ver.1.10. xml file contains
<name>e drive</name>
<name>f drive</name>
<name>g drive</name>

other setting are in the user interface.
static ip:

NAS samba streaming00