MasterTV - Brazilian TV service
Hi all, I'm trying to write an addon to play live streams from This is a paid service where you can get most of the brazilian cable channels.
I was able to login and get the channel list from this site, but the problem begins when I reach the .swf file they use to play the live streams.

Right after I get the swf file, the browser makes a request to something like this:
150 1.076384000 HTTP 819 GET /videoteca/ajueocyutwgbcjskhee/5262622252426212 HTTP/1.1

and the server returns something like this:
[truncated] <config><streamer>rtmp://</streamer><file>87hd</file><autostart>true</autostart><backcolor>0xFFFFFF</backcolor><frontcolor>0x000000</frontcolor><screencolor>0x000000</screencolor><volume>50</volume><type>rtmp
I couldn't find this /videoteca/ajueocyutwgbcjskhee/5262622252426212 anywhere in the packages.
Is this somehow embedded into the swf file? If so, how can I get this information from there since I need it to get the rtmp link?

Here's the link to github
I'm leaving a link for the captured packages in case it helps.

If you can't find it any other way, you'll have to decompile the swf to figure it out. There are a few websites that may help, search for something like 'decompile my code'.
I actually had to change my approach. Instead of decoding the swf file I used the mms links they had on the website, The quality is not as good as the flash version and they have fewer channels but it's working. I've sent the website admin an email asking if they're interested in having an addon for their service. If so I will work together with them to get the higher quality channels.

They've changed their system. Now there is only flash version.

The swf make a request to, the response is a base64 message:
Decoded is:

Inside the swf there is a parser that send each parameter to jwplayer. I was unable to identify what the key parameter do. And was unable to run rtmpdump without receiving a custom error: 666!

Anyone have a clue what key is for?

SWF scripts:
Voce conseguiu algum progresso?
Querua saber se realmente tem jeito, porque as listas de canais no iptv nuncam funcionam.

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