My Hometheater aka. Living room
So here´s my Setup, its a rented apartment so i think i´ve gone crazy enough and learned a lot for
the future (Own House)

Equipment :

TV: Sony 65X9005B

Projector : JVC DLA-X700R

Video Proc. : Darbee Darblet

Media Player : XBMC @ Intel i3 Haswell Nuc w/ Impactics Case

Sat. Receiver : VU+ Ultimo

Console : PS4 + Wii U

AVR : Marantz AV8801

Ext.Amps : 2x Primare A33.2, Primare A32, Primare A30.7

Speakers : Elac FS249, BS244, CC241 and Teufel S700FCR & S700D

Subwoofer : XTZ 3X12

Screen : WS Spalluto Grand Cinema Tensioned motorized 244cm

Don't have good up to date pics, those are without PS4 and the NUC if anyone wonders.. Wink




Updated Pics with new TV and Amps :


Updated Pic with new rack :


From another angle :

Wow, that looks fantastic Smile

Really nicely done!
You've a typo in your opening post.

Quote:So here´s my Setup, its a rented apartment so i think i´ve gone crazy enough and learned a lot for
the future (Own House)

I think you meant to type

Quote:So here´s my Setup, its a rendered apartment so i think i´ve gone crazy enough and learned a lot for
the future (Own House)

Fantastic render btw but still a bit 'uncanny valley' for me.
That is sick! Are you sure your couch isn't actually a bed for seven? Big Grin

Some close-ups of the equipment would be nice as well. Love the apparent dedication!
Happens every now and then that i fall asleep while watching tv/movies but i think its meant to be a couch Big Grin

Yeah will try to make close ups, but its hard without tripod cuz everything is black :p
That couch looks amazing. Where the hell do you even find something like that?!
Its a bretz couch, model cloud 7 Smile
Yeah. Im not going to believe thats a real room until I see a picture of you standing in it Big Grin
That looks reaaaaally sweet man. Congrats!
Hehe, it looks kinda surreal cuz of the not corrected UWW, shot @11mm with my Canon Rebel Xsi

Here are some pics i just took with the lil´digicam, not too fancy but def. more real world lol ^^
Excuse all that Xmas stuff, decided to let the stuff stay a lil longer..^^


Close ups of the Nuc in the Impactics Case




Closer up of the rest like AVR, Ps4, Vu+ and Wii U


Hope everybody is happy now to see the dusty real World Smile
Hey, this is only my second post. I have to say that before i opened this topic i was just quizical.
Glad i did as this is an amazing set up and beautifuly laid out.
Thank you for giving me something to aspire to

Wow!! NodNod

Stunning Room.

I never doubted you for a minute Blush Tongue

That amazing Bretz couch and camera and settings used for the previous pictures really did gave it an otherworldly appearance though. Blush

A Home Theater to be proud of. Well Done !!
np mate, ill take that as a compliment Big Grin
Not really happy with the TV though..already has a lot of dead pixels, but don't want to be an EA of 4K/UHD so i´ll
try to wait 1-2 years longer...hope that at this point XXL TV´s (80"+) will get affordable swell Smile
Personally, I can't wait for the day that we get 4k OLED roll up screens and no longer need a projector at all. Can you imagine your projection screen except as an active display in and of itself with true black and no need for masking etc.

My fear is that it is such an 'end game' technology with its 'more resolution than the eye can see' and 'more vivid colours than the eye can see' and 'pure blacks', will mean that the manufacturers will drip feed us the advances so they can keep selling us new 'TV's' every few years. Either that or they will definitely build in some planned obsolescence.
Here is a nice Roadmap of what and when to come in next future Smile


For now, next big step will be Hardware that is full HDMI 2.0 / HDCP2.2 compliant for (next) future proofness

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