Did Gotham lose auto download first sync?
I know subtitle search changed in Gotham. Can anyone confirm that the "auto download first sync" subtitle option has disappeared? It doens't seem to be within the subtitle addon itself, and I can't find it in the settings page. Am I missing something?
Yes, it's not there
Does anyone know if this feature will be returning? Not exactly a deal breaker, but I did love this handy feature.
I relied heavily on this feature. Very interested whether it will return!
probably not, we are still deciding.

problem is that if you use more than one search language there is no way to specify which "sync" to download ... so maybe adding it only if one language is searched for?
That would be a lot better than nothing. Thanks for taking it under consideration.
Yeah even one language on only one of the services would probably be sufficient. Thanks.
Sorry guys, it wont happen for gotham. We will see whats the best way to do it after Gotham is released
That's too bad. I really miss that feature. Looks like Gotham is going in beta soon, so perhaps we will be lucky if patient.
If my opinion counts...It is an essential feature for a streamlined HTPC especially for non native English speaking people. Without this feature one might as well google the subtitles and download them together with the show he is interested. XBMC becomes more of an eye-candy rather than true one stop media experience.
Your opinion counts but we don't have all mechanisms in place to do a proper auto download, once we do we will add it in

Edit: I think you are being melodramatic, the difference between xbmc with this or without it is that you have to select the subtitle you want downloaded... It's a click, not the end of the world
I have a dedicated pc under my TV booting into XBMC that pulls media from a central server that I regularly updates itself with new content with the help of sickbeard and “related” software.
AEON NOX then brings up recent episodes and recent movies right up in the home screen and after pressing the ok button 3 times I enjoy a movie/tv show with subtitles.
Call me lazy! But I love it and want to keep it this way.
(2014-03-11, 13:24)ctsaligo Wrote: .. Call me lazy! But I love it and want to keep it this way.

PR with all that fixed goes to github, once you finished with it let me know and we can review your code.

nothing goes in during Gotham feature freeze, so anything you do will only go in for G +1
Shouldn't the "Download first sync subtitle" be an option on the actual OpenSubtitles.org plugin? And, if this is the default plugin for Shows or Movies then it will try to download the first subtitle (if the option is enabled).

I think this is the best way to do it, considering how Gotham works with subtitles.

Just my two cents
Not possible, search and download are functions in service called by XBMC. Addon can't just decide to download something
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