OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-08-23, 00:10)lordvader Wrote: Had a play with a few different skins last night, and still have the same issue. To rule out something dodgy in my config, I renamed my .xbmc folder, and restarted.
The first time, I was able to go into video settings, set my refresh rate to 60Hz (the default was 1080p, 50Hz), and was able to "calibrate" the video, but adjusting the overscan values.

When I exit that screen, xbmc reset, and my pixel ratio was stretched significantly from that point on. Any attempt to enter the system/video settings from that point on results in constant resolution changes until xmbc crashes and restarts.

+1 for this. It seems to be incorrectly saving screen resolution information (mainly Aspect Ratio). To fix i have to delete guisettings.xml, go back to an older version (i picked 31/07 ish), set everything back up and then upgrade again. Now if it happens, i can just replace guisettings with a backup copy.


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