OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-09-12, 21:09)MilhouseVH Wrote:
(2013-09-12, 20:26)kreeturez Wrote: Looks like this (AWESOME!) patch breaks Skin.Widgets for skins that offer it (like Confluence Modified): the Recommended TV Shows/Movies section doesn't get refreshed any more after playback; but only if the Movies list (and/or TV Shows list) has been opened at least once...

Builds before 'Rbej-Version-Frodo-Branch(11.09.2013)' (including the 'first' release of that build on that day) are fine...

Anyone able to confirm?

I'm not really familiar with this widget, so when you say it's not being refreshed, what exactly do you mean?

What I'm seeing is this: if I pick a movie to play from the Recommended widget, when playback completes I'm returned to the main Movies menu and the widget updates to remove the movie I just watched. However, I'm not seeing new recommendations added to the end of the widget movie list, it's essentially a static list - maybe it's updated on a schedule? - but the patch seems to have no bearing on this widget behaviour.

This is more-or-less what I'm seeing: on TV Shows, stopping playback (after opening the library view for both Movies and TV Shows) isn't refreshing the suggestions for me. But only if I've previously opened the TV Shows/Movies libraries first. That's why I suspect the patch; but I may be mistaken!

The normal behavior was the list is always refreshed after stopping a video...

Rolling back to an earlier build reverts to this behavior.

(2013-09-12, 23:05)MilhouseVH Wrote: These patches are fantastic - I know this sounds ridiculous, but the Pi really is now almost as fast as my x86 box (Revo 3700) when entering the libraries. I really do wish more developers would optimise the efficiency of their code for the Raspberry Pi, it's going to be better for everybody! Well done Ben! Smile

Couldn't agree more... I keep thinking I want to get an Android powerhouse box, but the unbelievable community support of the pi (and Stephan/Ben/rbej's endless contributions) keep me permanently impressed with the pi.

The only weak-point remaining is addons: python interpretation is CPU heavy at present; and addons like Hulu require decryption algorithms which are slow.

But video-playback with popcornmix's omxplayer optimizations is superb enough to make me forget I'm watching on a $40 device: it punches WAY above it's weight!

(2013-09-13, 00:23)doveman2 Wrote: I've also found that the issue of the volume being overloaded/distorted for a second or two when using the amplitude setting, before it analyses it and reduces it to normal levels, happens when starting video file playback, not just TV. I haven't tested music yet but I imagine it will affect that too.

Seen this also; since most content starts with no (or little) audio, it's not that noticeable: until you resume a video, that is :-) It appears (from the playback-info screen) that amplification is negative, so it 'starts' at max and goes down; hence this issue...
DRC is still a game-changer for nighttime viewing: I'm no longer riding the volume buttons all the time. Amazing!

I get the feeling that 3.2 (the stable version of OE) with all the above in place is going to blow everyone who owns a pi away - to the point where any other similarly-priced media player would just seem silly :-)

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