OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-02-05, 13:04)popcornmix Wrote:
(2014-02-05, 07:41)MilhouseVH Wrote: New OpenELEC Gotham build: #0205

I'm interested in testing of DVD menus (using dvdplayer) in this build. It should be hardware accelerated, but avoid the blank screen problem when there is a static background.

Seems to be working quite well here thanks Smile

On the first VOB rip I tried, the menu worked and I could start the movie or go to the chapters menu and start it from there. The only problem I had was when opening the top menu and selecting the DVD icon, when playback just stopped (XBMC hadn't frozen though as the debug OSD was still updating).

The second rip I couldn't get to work at all though when trying to play the Video_TS.IFO. It works in Media Player Classic on my Windows PC, so doesn't appear to be corrupt.

It doesn't appear to be possible to start the rip by pressing play on the name of the parent folder (i.e The Gladiators, which contains the Video_TS subfolder with the actual files in it), only by drilling down to the files and playing from there, so that would be a nice fix to consider.

I probably haven't got my remote.xml configured correctly but I couldn't chapter skip, only skip +/- 3min, with either the D-pad Up/Down or the Chapter/Skip buttons.

The global section has


and FullScreenVideo has


but I don't know if there's meant to be a separate section for DVD playback.

I had no problem showing the codecinfo when playing the VOB rip with my remote.xml configured to


I noticed that there's a folder accessible via SMB (and SCP) names Logfiles, which contains zipped collections of the logs. I'm a bit confused as to when these zips are made, as it appeared that the most recent one was at 11:35, whereas the last entry in the current log was slightly after that at 11:36. I can imagine it zipping up the logs at each boot or something but surely it's not constantly doing this on the fly is it, as I imagine that would be an unnecessary drain on resources? I only noticed this as I was looking for a quicker way of opening the log to paste than having to WinSCP in but it seems .xbmc/temp is exposed via SMB, so this isn't possible.

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