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SMB shares with Windows Vista does not work
the program is a way for xbmc to read shares on the pc without the need for normal shared files like smb.

if you use ccxgui you have to edit the xboxmediacenter.xml file. replace the following lines,

from <path>smb://username:password@ip/sharename/</path> using smb

to <path>xbms://ip:1400/sharename/</path> using ccxgui

the program can be downloaded from http://ccxgui.xboxmediacenter.de/download.html

i couldn't get the 'service' to run so i just have the program load on startup and 'hide' in the taskbar

anymore questions, just let me know.

thanx for the tip!
i have downloaded the files and what now?
can you plz explain step by step how to install on xbox and how it works? what folder on xbox?
do i need anything on my pc with vista installed?
thanks for that washy works like a gem, i did a bit of research for a couple of hours as well and i couldn't find anything expect like you said that smb 2.0 is new in vista but i also read that it is also compatible with smb 1.0 so i don't know what is going on there.


the software you downloaded is installed on the pc you want to share your data from not on the xbox. the only thing you need to change on the xbox is the pointers to your shares in the xboxmediacenter.xml file. follow washy's post and you shouldnt have any problems. if you need anymore help let me know

great that works. thanks for this info & way !!!
so i just start the program on my computer and add my share, that's it? don't have to change any settings?

when i configure the xbmc xml file, i can't find the same line that he describes, but i can find some that looks close. but i guess i have to do some changes in the text? use my own path or ip or something?
and how do i find the files in xbmc? select my videos and then smb workgroups or what?

its easy. only install the tool on your pc, then start ist and add the shares you want. then edit the xboxmediacenter.xml on you xbox in the xbmc folder. in the sections of each item (movies, music etc. you find that line) edit the line <path>xbms://ip:1400/sharename/</path> like

<path>xbms:// music</path> or <path>xbms://my pc:1400/m music/</path>

look how you write it...its case sensitive!!!

Quote:so i just start the program on my computer and add my share, that's it? don't have to change any settings?

with ccxgui you don't need to change any ip... just add the ip of your current pc.

you have to do 2 things, add the share in ccxgui by dragging the folder you want to share into the ccxgui window, then add the lines of code into your xml file. for example:

if you draged a folder into ccxgui called 'video' and your ip was then you would add this into your xml file:


in my xml file i have shares on the xbox (files reside on the xbox hard drive) and also shares on my pc that xbmc can read. you may not have any shares in your xml file for your pc so add them in either notepad, or i use adobe dreamweaver.

if you wanted to include a bookmark in your music section but the files were on your xbox, you would add there lines to your xml file:


hope this helps.

for more info, visit the online manual here


hey washy do you have a problem where you have to readd the shares in ccxgui each time you restart vista?

i lose my shares each time and have to readd
i had that problem. i think it took a few tries, but i think what worked was i pressed the stop server, then start server button. after that i closed the program to verify that it worked (it did) shares were there... when i rebooted, the shares remained.

good luck.

hi! i saw this problem discussed on another board (in french), and i think they managed to find a resolution.
first, you need to set up your network to allow smb sharing, as in the following video:
network settings
then, you need to set up a user account for your smb shares. the user name should be xbox, and it requires a password (any easy-to-remember password should do). make sure to set it to never expire, and not to prompt that user for a new password on first boot. it is also recommended no to make that user be and administrator.
finally, log in as an administrator, and activate the sharing pretty much the same way as in xp:
sharing settings
finally, set up the share in xbmc, and you should be good to go.
caveat: i have yet to try this out on my system, but it sounds plausible, and seems to have worked for the users of the other board.

hope this helps!

edit: nope, didn't work here. so... ccxgui it is.
plus i of course have a pal xbox360, so i can't even use the media center extender...  :veryangry: though this procedure at least made me able to discover the 360... but that's a different topic.

vista seems to be plagued with over-paranoid security features, and unfortunately for whatever reasons this is preventing me from viewing my smb share on this machine via my xbmc -- which i can see perfectly from other pc's on the network, mind you.

as you can imagine, this is incredibly frustrating, but i'm not about to reinstall windows xp. i'm well aware many others are having the same problem, and i'm wondering if anyone knows of a work-around?

try the search button up top, theres already a thread about this with a work around and maybe a solution.

cheers b4tm4n.
excellent, thanks!
did that last post by tosus, on the other thread, work ?
i admit it looked wery promising, but sadly it did not work on my machine...

anyone having a success story to share? Smile
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