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SMB shares with Windows Vista does not work
i tried with the settings the video sugested, with no success either.

hi there! sorrry, it didn't seem to work on my system. but it did have the side effect of getting my 360 to be discovered by the media center... and then get rejected since i have a pal system. but ccxgui works fine (except for renaming/deleting files)
yeah i got as far as my 360 being recognized, but theres only support for ntsc machines at the moment for the media centre. haven`t tried smb shares with xbmc yet.
the way described on the french forums is actually the way i first attempted to setup the share upon vista install, and it does not work.
no, unfortunately all the ideas/methods described in the other thread did not work. the method documented with video tutorials is actually the first i tried upon installing vista, and i had no luck.
Huh this smells a little funny... since regular computers don't seem to suffer from this problem, my thoughts go to the new uac (user access control) system... is it possible that it is a countermeasure from m$? how does the xbox present itself to the computer holding the shares?

has anyone tried logging smb while trying to connect? i will give it a try, just have to upgrade first. it's a pita this won't work...

ok, fresh install of current cvs with smb loglevel=3 reveals,

20:54:05 m: 40075264 error: smbdirectory->getdirectory: unable to open directory : 'smb://xbox:[email protected]/series'
unix_err:'7' nt_err : 'c0000022' error : 'access denied'
20:54:05 m: 40075264 error: cguimediawindow::getdirectory(smb://xbox:[email protected]/series/) failed

so, it would seem it is vista's new security measures blocking us... anyone agree/disagree?

indeed it is vista blocking the xbmc, this much we already knew.

now we need a solution...
just trying to start a dialogue that might lead somewhere...

back to my prior question;

how does *any* computer see the xbox/xbmc? as an "xbox", windows 2000 or what?

would it be possible to change the way xbmc presents itself in the smb negotiation into something vista might recognize?
i'd assume so, as my other xp machines access my vista shares without password, and without problem.
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i have upgraded my fileserver runnin win 2k3 server on to sp2 beta. and same problem there...hope there will be an easy and proper solution soon.
vista is beta.
dont expect anything.


Has anyone found a fix or workaround for this yet? It's still broken with Vista RC1 and 2006-08-27 T3CH Build of XBMC.
A workaround is to use the upnp functionality built into Vista. This can be set up using Windows Media Player (options->Library->Configure Sharing) and then use the XBMC client function. This works with RC1.

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SMB shares with Windows Vista does not work2
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