Problem reading of ID from NFO
I have many, many movies, of which most have existing posters, backdrops and nfo files exported from XBMC. I was hoping to update all this data with EmberMM, which I have used for a long time. However, I have run into an issue whereby the existing nfo files contain the TMDB id in the ID tag, rather than the IMDB id. This means that EmberMM grabs the wrong movie. Is there any way to tell EmberMM to ignore the ID? I would delete all the nfo files, but then I would lose the play count. Any help would be most appreciated.
Please upload an NFO with TMDB ID. I will check this.

Normally XBMC save the IMDB ID, not the TMDB ID.
Thanks for the lightning response. Please try this:

88 Minutes.nfo
What scraper did you use in XBMC?
Normally XBMC ALWAYS saves the IMDB ID in database and NFO.

I have the following tested with the standard TMDB scraper in XBMC:
- Movie has IMDB ID and TMDB ID: IMDB ID in NFO and database
- Movie has no IMDB ID and only TMDB ID: no ID in NFO and database

I wonder now why you have a TMDB ID in NFO.
I have no idea what scraper I used. I have used so many over the years. It is most probable that it wasn't one build into XBMC, but more likely another external program. Is there a setting in EmberMM to ignore the ID and use title/folder name instead?
Atm, you can only use "Change Movie" on each title to get the correct IMDB ID Sad

I can try to add somting like "ignore ID" but that would take some time. Please add an feature request if you want that feature: Link

For the PlayCount there is a solution:
- register an account on
- install addon on XBMC
- sync your movies with
- rescrape your movies in Ember
- use addon in Ember to read the playcount from (Ember will save that in NFO)
I have been using my account in XBMC for some time and more recently discovered it in EmberMM. However, as far as I know, EmberMM doesn't scrape the 'lastplayed' data from and write it to the nfo file...

(some time later)

I think I have found a not so elegant solution. I can use Notepad++ to remove the id tags from all of my nfo files, which means that EmberMM has to use the title to scrape. This has worked well on a few test files. It also keeps the 'playcount' tag in tact. However, EmberMM seems to be stripping the 'lastplayed' tag from the nfo file. Is this normal?
You can manually sync the whole database with, but only in direction -> Ember (NFO). This is not implemented in any scraper, you need to do that manually in settings/trakt dialog.

Yes, Ember ignore and delete the "lastplayed" tag while rescraping.
If your goal is to simply ignore the TMDB ID, another solution would be to delete the ID altogether from the nfo file.

TextCrawler is a good freeware tool that I use to search/edit bulk text files. It's available here:

Search by regex for: <id>[^<]*</id>\r\n

And replace it with a blank, and that will remove the ID.

Cheers, Carl.
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Thanks Dan and Carl. I have been able to use Notepad++ to remove the ID quite successfully, in multiple files, but I'd like to keep the 'lastplayed' data if possible. Why does EmberMM delete it? Is there an option to keep it?

If I were to delete all the nfo files and let XBMC re-scrape by editing the source, would I lose the last played data?
Maybe I can add this field in next beta.

I don't know what XBMC will do...
Looks like I've got some testing to do...

Thanks for all your help

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