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Hi all.

With tv recordings, the default sort order appears to be newest at the top, which is the opposite to the way you would want to watch them
You can hit C and choose date sort, which fixes it, but once the folder is empty and recreated it seems to go back to the old default.

Is there a way to set the default sort order, so each folder does not need to be changed when its created?

My preference would be for the initial page to be sorted on name, and each entry group to be sorted by date oldest to newest.

Not at the moment, I think the PVR windows will be refactored in the next XBMC release so the sorting can be done just like in all other windows (movies, TV shows etc.).
That seems to be the case, but the default is still newest first.
It would be nice to be able to change the default to oldest first (as thats the way you want to watch them).
It should be possible nowadays, just change the order and Kodi will remember it.
Just in case anyone finds this, as of 17.6 the default is hardcoded.

To change to ascending:

--- a/xbmc/pvr/windows/GUIViewStatePVR.cpp
+++ b/xbmc/pvr/windows/GUIViewStatePVR.cpp
@@ -59,6 +59,7 @@ CGUIViewStateWindowPVRRecordings::CGUIViewStateWindowPVRRecordings(const int win
   // Default sorting
+  SetSortOrder(SortOrderAscending);
   LoadViewState(items.GetPath(), m_windowId);
The default is for paths you do not apply a custom order from the options menu. The next line LoadViewState will load the custom sort options etc.

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