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Hi all,

are there any plugins or scripts for XBMC 13 (using Mac OS X) to monitor incoming Calls on a FritzBox PBX router? Via google I found some older scripts that seemed to manage these tasks but they are for older XBMC versions and I am not sure if they will work properly... Any hints are welcome.

Regards, Stefan
Here is the most recent Addon for FritzBox Callmonitor:


And here is the corresponding thread (in German language):


As an addon for XBMC it should work under every OS XBMC itself can run on, also under MacOS. However, I can only confirm for Windows and OpenElec (Linux). And it is working with Gotham.


Thanks a lot! I'll try to install on OS X and give feedback once it works (or not) ; )

Wow, that was a quick one... --> I just installed the plugin via Zip file and made a test call: Works perfect on XBMC 13 running on Mac OS X.

Thanks again, Stefan
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