Release service.subtitles.titlovi
#1 subtitle addon for KODI.

Search and download subtitles from, for movies and tv series.
And if you wish, convert serbian latin to cyrillic

Supported languages: English, Bosnian, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian

  1. Manual search.
  2. Automatic conversation from latin to cyrillic for serbian language if you select this option
  3. If searched item is tv show script add this format S01E01 in name and displays only that season or episode
  4. To search tv show season and episode in manual search enter following format:
    • S01E01
    • 1x01
    • 101

Current version: 1.1.3

Install instructions:

Addon is in official xbmc repo. Install it from there.

If you wish to install lastest version download zip arhives: Requirements: To use this add on first you need to install lat2cyr module which can be found here:

Initial release for XBMC 13.0 Gotham.

Fixed bug showing correct number of results

Add manual search and shows raiting stars corectly

Fixed tvshow display format like following example:
- name (year) S01E02 release

Eliminate duplicate subtitles and add supported languages
Check if searched language is supported by site.

Add options for automatic conversion from latin to cyrillic letters for serbian
Conversion is done with script.module.lat2cyr

Fixed title and year search error and fixed extracting rar files

Add support to search tvshow season and episode
- Searching episodes works for automatic search and manual search
- If searched episode don't exist and have whole season returns "S01 Pack" for example
- Allowed search for manual search terms for season are: S01E01, 101, 1x01

- Fixed converting to cyrillic and selecting converted subtitle
- Better tvshow search and filter

- Fixed problems with titlovi api.
- Add fix for automatic search

- Removed errors

- Fixed automatic search on tv shows

- Fixed problems with parsing titlovi

Hello guys,

I have try to modify old service for new subtitle service in xbmc 13.
I modified podnapisi code plugin and insert some code from old xmbc.subtitles for
Plugin is working but not perfect.
Plugin is still not working perfect, and i don't have experience in xbmc plugin programing.
I thing both code are from amet.
Where can i send this plugin (github) or to send someone to post it since i only modified existing code.
see here how to submit ->
Since plugin still is not finished here is link if someone wants to test it.
For now "Manual search" is not working very well or it's not working at all.

If someone have problems please tell what's is it and i will try to fix it if i can.
remove from your github, xbmc will recreate it on first run for each platform.

good work, keep it up
Next i will try to fix manual search and add settings option for serbian language for automatic conversion to cyrillic letters if someone choose this options but we will see what will happen Smile
that would be great Smile

see if you can make it as module, so that it can be installed separately and other subtitle services could use it by depending on it. see how you depend on module here ->

that way you import the module and avoid duplicating the code
Now manual search is working.
  • If searched title is tvshow in name will see following "S01E01" since their api didn't have option to search for seasons or episodes.
  • Check if languages is supported by website
  • Show rating stars
  • Fixed several other bugs.
For now i can say that plugin is stable.

If some one test it and find out some on some error or bug. Post it here and i will try to fix it.
I have finished module for converting from latin to cyrillic and i have implemented in
So now in service.subtitles.titlovi settings if you choose options for automatic conversion if you download serbian language will be converted to cyrillic.

Here is titlovi github url:
And here it is scritp.module.lat2cyr module for automatic conversion
I will test it and i everything is ok i will submit this to xbmc repositories
Hello I want to install add for sub,but it said to me that something like depiendiesis is not met,please contact author? help where i can find add for for gotham? Thanks
To install addon first you need to install lat2cyr module.

This is lat2cyr module.
This is url of addon i have updated readme file.
This will resolve dependences problem.
I will try soon to make proper package.
You can already get the module into repo.
Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting, read this first
Interested in seeing some YouTube videos about Kodi? Go here and subscribe
Sorry i don't understand very well since i'm not very experience in programing xmbc plugins.
There already exist some lat2cyr module in some repo or i can merge somehow my module in titlovi addon?

Thanks for your answer.

I see i have read manual how to make repo.
I will try to make repo for titlovi
Don't make a repo, send it to official xbmc repo
Hi everyone, I tried the plugin and it seems to work fine.

However cyrillic fonts are not displayed correctly as well as some of the special latin characters used in eastern european languages. So far nothing that I've done has made any effect or change.

If anyone else has had this problem and found a solution could you post it here please.

Thank you.

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