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I managed to configured XBMC so that I can control it with my IR remote. But in order to navigate over the albums or folders of my music selection I have to use a TV/screen and I do not like that. So I was thinking to use LCD with XBMC. But I haven't found a keymap action for "NEXT ALBUM" or "NEXT FOLDER". I am only able to go to next song within a folder or album, play, stop, go to movies etc. But I cannot find such an elementary keymap as "next album" Sad It there such a possibility?
If not, would it be possible to use LCD to navigate over all albums/folders of songs and then by "confirm" button to start playing all songs within the selected album? So to use LCD for navigation of albums/folders.

I really hate using a TV/screen just to switch to other music album/folder and using LCD and two keymap actions "next album" and "prev album" would be awesome Smile

Thanks for the advice,

Not sure what kind of "LCD" you want to use, but the app Yatse on a cheap android tablet might be an option if your XBMC system is on a network.

scott s.
I think this is possible, but I'm out of town and away from my 2-line LCD panel and HTPCs.
I am aware of apps, but do not like to use them (I mean they do a great job) but it is much more simple to use plain remote with real buttons then to go thru hassle of batter, wifi, xbmc connection issues and navigation thru gestures. And I like my house to be without wifi if possible.

@ned Scott, could you please check when you will be around your HTPCs?
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