Safely unloading USB Flash Drive
Running Raspbmc using XBMC official remote controller on Android tablet/smartphone.

I have mounted a USB flash drive containing pictures but cannot see any way to safely unmount the drive. If it is hot unplugged, a warning message appears. The only way I can properly unmount it is by connecting another computer using ssh and umount via the command line, which is hardly user-friendly.

Removing the source from the Pictures View list does not unmount the drive.
Its funny that you've figured out how to amount a drive over ssh but have not figured out how to use the context menu in the file manager. That is over engineering a problem.
I'm not sure about under Photos, but a connected USB drive can also be unmounted by going to Videos->Files->and choosing the context menu for the removable drive, which should have a "Remove safely" option.
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Thank you DBMandrake for your reply.
Finally figured out the problem after experimentation.
Sdcards formatted on almost any device will show up properly in the XBMC file manager, except those formatted in-camera on my Nikon D300S which do not, although they are actually mounted and can be read. The problem is caused by the fact that the in-camera formatter in the D300S does not format the card on the cylinder boundaries. Such formatting is not currently supported by Linux. If these cards are examined in gparted they show up as unallocated partitions with a warning sign. The file manager in XBMC cannot read the partition table and hence it is not listed.
Have you tried formatting the SD Card elsewhere than on the camera.
I've used cards on both Nikon and Canon cameras without ever having to use the camera to format them (regardless of what the camera manual suggests).
Thank you dandnsmith, that is how I finally tied down the cause and I will be formatting outside camera in future. For reference, the problem does not occur with the Nikon D5100.
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