RCB Issues for Gens/Project 64
I've spent approximately 10 hours total all this week ironing out different issues in getting a workable Rom collection on XBMC. I am down to 2 issues so far:

Project 64 (version 1.6) *refuses* to run on RCB.
I have gotten the emulator to load games on Advanced Launcher, but for whatever reason, I get a consistent error message when I attempt to load a game. I know the rom and emulator works, I can kick off games from Windows... just not RCB. I have been mindful of removing quotation marks, and as I said, it works on Advanced Launcher.

Neither Gens or Fusion will run on RCB or Advanced Launcher.
When I select a game to run, the emulator will kick up but the game will not load-- its just a blank screen. This seems like a fairly simple issue in that I had to do something wrong in the setup.

What am I doing wrong in RCB that has P64 working for Advanced Launcher but not RCB? Truthfully, I dont think I understand how the setup works. I just followed directions I found online. Ive spent so much time getting all these emulators to run, Im just tired of the setup and want it to work. I have no issues running some emulators on Advanced Launcher and some on RCB, it'd just be nice if they were on 1 interface. Any advice would be appreciated.
You need to jump up and down while rubbing your stomach and patting your head...

Seriously though, you need to provide more info... What error message does P64 throw up? What commands are you using to launch the emulators? From memory both RCB and AL will print the command they're executing to the xbmc log file (wiki).
My working entry for fusion in RCB's config.xml looks like:

<RomCollection id="2" name="SEGA Master System">
      <gameclient />
      <saveStatePath />
      <saveStateParams />
      <mediaPath type="boxfront">C:\emulation\artwork\mastersystem\boxfront\%GAME%.*</mediaPath>
      <mediaPath type="boxback">C:\emulation\artwork\mastersystem\boxback\%GAME%.*</mediaPath>
      <mediaPath type="cartridge">C:\emulation\artwork\mastersystem\cartridge\%GAME%.*</mediaPath>
      <mediaPath type="screenshot">C:\emulation\artwork\mastersystem\screenshot\%GAME%.*</mediaPath>
      <mediaPath type="fanart">C:\emulation\artwork\mastersystem\fanart\%GAME%.*</mediaPath>
      <preCmd />
      <postCmd />
      <scraper name="thegamesdb.net" replaceKeyString="" replaceValueString="" />
      <scraper name="giantbomb.com" replaceKeyString="" replaceValueString="" />
      <scraper name="mobygames.com" replaceKeyString="" replaceValueString="" />
Mine is very similar. Let's start with fusion:
-<RomCollection name="Genesis" id="8">
<mediaPath type="boxfront">C:\Roms\Sega\Roms\boxfront\boxfront\%GAME%.*</mediaPath>
<mediaPath type="boxback">C:\Roms\Sega\Roms\boxfront\boxback\%GAME%.*</mediaPath>
<mediaPath type="cartridge">C:\Roms\Sega\Roms\boxfront\cartridge\%GAME%.*</mediaPath>
<mediaPath type="screenshot">C:\Roms\Sega\Roms\boxfront\screenshot\%GAME%.*</mediaPath>
<mediaPath type="fanart">C:\Roms\Sega\Roms\boxfront\fanart\%GAME%.*</mediaPath>
<scraper name="thegamesdb.net" replaceValueString="" replaceKeyString=""/>
<scraper name="archive.vg" replaceValueString="" replaceKeyString=""/>
<scraper name="mobygames.com" replaceValueString="" replaceKeyString=""/>

Thanks for the full code, already finding some settings discrepancies that I can tinker with.

Actually I think I see an issue..
When I run Genesis the command prompt states:

Stopping XBMC. . .
Starting "C:\Roms\Sega\Fusion.exe" "C:\Roms\Sega\Roms\Ballz.nfo"...

Why is it starting the NFO file? Should the roms be in their own folder?
Not sure, everything looks right in your config, might be a bug in RCB. I keep all my roms/artwork/nfo's in separate folders, probably why I'm not getting this error.

I just tried creating a nfo file in the rom directory and that rom launched fine in RCB. Also your log output looks different to mine, when I launch a rom I dont see "Starting..."
Thanks. Is there more information I can provide?
Does Fusion have its own config?
The xbmc log file so people can see whats going on. What is in the rom zip file, just the rom?

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