CEC support for volume control
I am using the official iOS remote-app on my iPad together with four Kodi-PCs (OpenElec). Two of them do have analog sound connection, but the other two output the sound via HDMI. I have pulse eight CEC adapter attached to them so I can control the volume of my amplifiers with the Kodi IR-remotecontrol even in passthrough mode. However, using the Kodi remote-app for iOS only allows me to control the internal Kodi-Volume. Therefore I cannot use it together with these two PCs for I still have to grab my IR-remotecontrol anyway to adjust the volume.

Is there anychance you could add an option that allows the remot-app to control the volume via CEC instead of only within Kodi?


Dunno if CEC volume can be controlled via JSON-RPC, I'll check the feasibility
Hi joethefox,

Thanks in advance!



Same issue here. Would it be "easier" if this was done as a system setting (ie: volume control passes to CEC on pass through)?
Good idea. That would automatically apply to all webinterfaces as well then. Whenever volume is adjusted it will send out the CEC signal if that option is activated. That would help all people using passthrough and CEC.


Good idea but unfortunately almost no TVs support volume control via CEC.
I did tests with Samsung TV (model from 2014) and it not possible to control volume.
Not quiet sure about CEC support of modern TVs. But I can use the remote of my two TVs (both Samsung as well) to control kodi. So there is kind of a CEC support at least as to this aspect.

However, people using passthrough for 5.1 (or even 7.1) sound will most probably have an amplifier. And modern amplifiers with hdmi ports do usually support CEC. Using my "regular" remote (or even the remote of my TV) works fine and the volume keys will adjust the volume of the amplifier via CEC. Whereas using the official XBMC remote app I can only adjust the internal volume of Kodi which does not have any effect if you are using passthrough. Same applies if you use any webinterface (default, AWXI, Chorus). So it would be nice to have an option in the sound settings to connect the internal volume adjustment with the CEC output of kodi so that it will even work when used via remote app or webinterface.


On my system your requested feature already exists. Cool

I have a Samsung 32C6700 (CEC 1.3a) TV set, connected to a Teufel Corestation AVR (CEC 1.4), connected to a Raspberry Pi running OpenElec 6.0, connected to Yatse app running on my Android mobile: TV---AVR---RasPi ~ ~ Yatse

Under ideal conditions (which I cannot consistently reproduce yet Sad ), I can control the volume of a media playing on Kodi via the TV remote (in most cases), via the AVR remote (always) AND via Yatse (sometimes).

I am still on a learning curve regarding the interactions via CEC, but it seems that the volume changes are being sent back from Kodi. But the CEC setup is not fully stable for some reason, I am suspecting my TV here.
Is there any update on this?
I too have an external AVR and the ability to control its volume through the iPad app would be a very welcomed addition.
No, there is no official update on this. It seems the CEC functions were kind of half-introduced to Kodi at some point and then never touched again.

What I learned so far:

Volume control through Kodi via CEC is possible. It just depends on the type of volume control command being executed within Kodi.

In all cases where your Kodi remote (through a keymap) or the remote app executes the VolumeUp, VolumeDown or Mute command, a CEC command is being sent to your AVR. In cases where your remote app executes the SetVolume command (which all apps with a volume slider control do), a CEC command is not being sent, but the Kodi internal volume will be changed (which does not make any sense with an AVR).
I assume it should be possible to implement as I'm currently using both the Kodi app and a mini wireless keyboard (IR USB dongle) in equal measure to control my Raspberry Pi running Kodi.

The keyboard sends volume control data to Kodi, that then adjusts my AVR's volume no problem at all, but the Kodi app only adjusts the internal volume.
The issue is that the remote is a pure JSON remote interface and as stated at the beginning seems that there isn't a JSON API call to accomplish your needs.
Thanks for the reply Joe and thanks for the app its really great.

That's a real shame that it can't be implemented easily (if at all) it really would be the icing on the cake for me.
I was able to control the AVR volume (Yamaha RX-V765) using Yatse application. But after I've updated Kodi from openElec 6.0.1 to OSMC (20161128), I cannot do it anymore. I've reverted back to OpenElec 6.0.3... does not help.

I tried to control AVR using cec-client via SSH. That works. "standby", "on", "volup" works.

Also I see new message in the cec-client. I have no idea what is this.
WARNING: [ 153337] unhandled response received: opcode=0 initiator=1 destination=0 response=17
(2016-12-20, 00:26)dmytro_ovdiienko Wrote: I was able to control the AVR volume (Yamaha RX-V765) using Yatse application. But after I've updated Kodi from openElec 6.0.1 to OSMC (20161128), I cannot do it anymore. I've reverted back to OpenElec 6.0.3... does not help.

After I've changed values of all parameters from ON to OFF and back, I can control AVR volume. I've noticed that while I was playing with settings, new parameter was added and then removed:
"Device connected to:"
1. Amplifier/AVR
2. TV

Also "HDMI port" parameter disappeared but Physical address is left.

Kodi is running on R-PI 2

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