Kodi Slooooow startup ?
Kodi looks and feels great.

Now I have installed the final version.
I am running a mysql setup since a long time ago.

But when I click the kodi shortcut, It's like nothing happens for like 30 seconds.
Whoa that's a long time...

And it's not getting better.

Is there something I Can do... ?

Happy holidays
I'm also experiencing this issue, start up takes like 20-30 sec after clicking the Kodi 14.0 Dec 23 Release. I'm running Windows 8.1, 4 GB Ram, Quad Core CPU. Didn't have this problem with 13.0 , also all other aplications open at normal speed (instant) lol. Thank You.
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debug log (wiki)
LibreElec Kodi | Aeon MQ7 | Onkyo TX-SR875 | Teufel System 5 THX Cinema 5.1 
SuperMicro Server WSE2012R2 | E3-1241 v3 | RAM 32 GB | Drivepool 18TB
Just did a fresh install on my labtop
Instant start, like just when you click.

Must be the old install then... just can´t bear to do a complete reinstall

Anything that can be done ?
Here is my Debug Log from another issue I have with Library Scan TRaSH if you could look at that thread also I would apriciate it. In the mean time I will install Kodi on my second Desktop see how the speed is there.

Library Scan Issue Link Explaining Whats Happening

Debug Log Link
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Well quick test on my second Desktop showed me that I'm not experiencing any of the issues like I am on my HTPC, funny thing is the HTPC is 100 % brand new re install of windows. I'll try to figure it out and repost if I solve it somehow. If anyone can see something in the log file please let me know.
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Same problem here. Starting of KODI 14.0 take app. 20 seconds. I also did a fresh install of Kodi so no previous settings can influence on it and that did not helped either. In comparison, XBMC 13.2 starts practically instantly. Hope we will find a solution for this. I discovered also some users of beta had the same problem.

best, d.

EDIT: just did some research on this forum and I found this post where user helta said that problem has something to do with determining the supported resolutions at the startup of the KODI.
I found a workaround for this slow sturtup of KODI. You need to completely disable logging. How do you do that?
You need to crate yourself a new file named advancedsettings.xml. Do that with Notepad and copy the lines below into it.

    <loglevel hide="true">-1</loglevel>
You need to place advancedsettings.xml file inside this folder: %appdata%\KODI\userdata\

If advancedsettings.xml already exists in %appdata%\KODI\userdata\ folder you will need to modify it so that includes the line:
<loglevel hide="true">-1</loglevel>

KODI will now start fast as it should. Logging will be disabled though.
best, d.
Thank you so much for this.
I wonder what is the reason that on some PCs KODI starts very slow and on others it is starting normally when logging is enabled. I tried on 2 PCs and one is starting normally and on the other -> HTPC where I use KODI most of the time I had this problem with slow start when logging is enabled. This was not acceptable.

My Configuration:
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3 Rev 2.0
CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 240e, 2,80GHz, Dual Core, AM3 (45W)
RAM: Mushkin Essential Series 2 x 2Gb DDR2 (800MHz)
GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD6870, 1Gb DDR5
HDD: Hitachi Deskstar 250GB IDE
DVD-RW: Samsung SH-S183A
Mouse: Logitech MX Air
Keyboard: Logitech diNovo Edge

Maybe IDE disk and drivers? Maybe Radeon graphics and drivers? Maybe AMD setup and chipset drivers?
But I need to say that XBMC 13.2 did not show these problem even though logging is enabled.

best, d.
Thanks so much for the fix, worked perfectly here! I was debating on going back to XBMC after the SLOOWWWWWW 30 second + startup time of Kodi, but now everything is great.
I can also confirm as someone else stated that Kodi only does this on ONE of my HTPCs. Both are running Windows 8.1 - 8GB RAM. It does NOT have the delay on my AMD 6 core processor, but DOES have the delay on my Intel Core i3 processor machine.

Any rhyme or reason behind that?
I have it the way around. All is ok on Intel X3360 and it is not ok on HTPC with AMD X2 240e (if work around mentioned above is not implemented). Still do not know what is the real cause for this slow creation of the log file in Kodi. I still think that Kodi starts on my affected PC maybe 1 to 2s slower and I hear my HDD when starting Kodi, but it is very short. I still checked and there is a small log file created everytime Kodi start. But this time just with the few lines.

There is no problem with the starting of XBMC 13.2. This is done instantly and wothout any intesive work from the HDD.
same behaviour here... although to add that if I click the icon from a complete restart of the system, then it loads straight away. If I subsequently ALT F4 out of Kodi, next time it takes the 20/30 seconds... sometimes if you kill the task and try again it's then instant.

Thanks for the log tip - I'll apply that and hopefully get rid of the start times that would have seen me go back to 13.2
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